Issue with SRAM eTap AXS: right shifter won’t shift reliably

I bought a bike with Force eTap AXS last year, and I have been super happy with it … until about three weeks ago. My right shifter won’t execute shifts reliably anymore. Basically, shifting down works 100 % of the time, but shifting up deteriorates from 100 % to 95 % to eventually 50 %. Sometimes the rear derailleur will execute all shifts in the backlog, although most of the time they are simply “forgotten.”

I changed the battery last month, which fixed the issue for about two weeks. Battery drain seems to have increased, too: I changed both shifter batteries in June after my yearly bike service, and my Wahoo indicated that the batteries of both shifters ran low. I initially thought I must have had a bad batch of batteries, but the issue re-appeared on my last ride yesterday. Thing is: last week was a rest week, so I was riding very little and apart from the ride yesterday it was all in erg mode, so I shifted only very few times.

I found this thread that speculates whether it is the safety mechanism in the rear derailleur that prevents shifts from happening, but it seems that there the users have had trouble shifting in both directions whereas I only have issues shifting into a harder gear.

Has anyone had similar problems? As anyone can understand, I dread having to drop off my bike, especially with an intermittent issue.

Have you checked for firmware updates?

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When I last checked, everything was up to date.

Unfortunately, I am having problem with the SRAM app now. I could connect to my rear derailleur alright, but not to my shifters or my power meter. As soon as I connect to my rear derailleur, the app glitches and cuts off the entry for my Quarq power meter, for example.

Bluetooth devices don’t want to connect to multiple things at once. Turn off everything else and quit any other apps on your phone. Then try connecting to it.

Also, Bluetooth range isn’t great and there’s lots of other stuff on that radio frequency (WiFi, microwaves, baby monitors) so try keeping your phone pretty close to it

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Have you reached out to SRAM (or your vendor) to troubleshoot? I had an issue with a AXS force shifter a couple years ago where it killed a battery very quickly. It worked fine when I replaced the battery, but wouldn’t connect to the ap after that. I called SRAM and they got a new shifter (along with new brake caliper) quickly sent out. I had to go through my LBS to do the swap (they wouldn’t ship direct to me), but SRAM was awesome on the support end and I believe they compensated my LBS for dealing with it and mailing back the old shifter. I think you are supposed to start the troubleshooting process through whoever you bought the bike/group from, but I didn’t have confidence that an LBS is going to know what SRAM does about this stuff and I was in a hurry.

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I was able to connect SRAM’s app to my shifters, they use the latest firmware. I also noticed that the right shifter needs a lot more energy, even though I have changed the batteries in both shifters about a month ago, the left one (which up until now has worked reliably) shows a low battery warning in the SRAM app. :man_facepalming: