SRAM Force eTap AXS front shifter not showing any lights when I press AXS button

After not using my bike for a year, due to ill health I finally got the bike out. I charged all the batteries but my front shifters won’t light up when I press the AXA button.
I upgraded the firmware on both the Rear and front derailleur and they both light up and the SRAM App picks up both derailleurs.
I have changed the batteries in both the front shifters but they still don’t respond.
The SRAM App picks up both the front shifters but won’t respond as AXA buttons not responding.
I should add the bike is about less than 2 years old and was working perfectly before I had put it away.
Anybody have any ideas please?

Try new batteries, quality ones, not el cheapo ones make sure they are cr2032 not cr2025

I have replaced all the batteries with Duracell batteries.

They all work as I’ve tested them

Orientation is correct and they are cr2032s?

You could try pressing and holding the rear derailleur axs button until the led starts blinking green, then press and hold the axs buttons on your shifters

Duracell are not recommended because it has a bitter anti child coating that doesn’t work on SRAM shifters.


I’ll have to disagree with that. I have four shifters running Duracell without issue.

Yes I’ve found this out the hard way. I use energizer now. They’re much sweeter and my kids love them.


If you give the duracells a quick alcohol wipe, they are fine. I buy them because I read somewhere that they are less counterfeited because of the coating. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I do know that a lot of the “brand name” coin cell batteries on amazon are fakes.