SRAM/Quarq buys PowerTap

Another big announcement today.

I was expecting something along these lines when I learned earlier this year that the PowerTap line was removed from the Saris Training Camp learning and rewards program. I asked if it was short term or permanent, and the response of “permanent” was a big surprise. It was an open ended hint of at least half of the equation. Now I see the other half.

Looks like that will now fall into the SRAM Tech University umbrella in the future for employee purchase and training.


I wonder if this means we will finally get power in MTB pedals?

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Hard to say, but I think it’s very unlikely. There’s just not a lot of space with a dual-sided mountain bike pedal. Then consider that they already have several solutions for crank/spider and now hubs, I don’t see MTB pedals being a next step.

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and in other BIG news, Wahoo introduces colors for it’s head units


DCR’s pitch at the Garmin event included a bit on powermeters - and he talked about an upcoming consolidation to be expected. Announcement came 24hrs later…

If anything this would mean it’s more unlikely as quarq will release the hub based disc pm which is a better spot for it anyways

The PowerTap G3 Rear Disc Hub already exists and covers the 135mm x 9mm QR and 142mm x 12mm TA options.

The PowerTap G4 Rear Disc Hub has already been teased and should add 148mm x 12mm TA to the options list.

So there is already a firm solution on the way for disc brake power that will be expanded to meet most needs. We will see if they bother to move into Super-Boost as the bigger question mark right now.

I hope they put out a P4 pedal that is sleeker and lighter but just as reliable

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Well, as they just release the P2, I fully expect the next model to actually be the P3 (not P4 yet). But that is the engineer in me expecting a logical progression in model numbering :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless of the name, the new and different resources in Quarq are likely to play with the concept and try to get it more in line with the Garmin and Favero models.

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Unless the pull a Fenix and jump a number :wink: but yes P3s not P2s

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And not silver! :grinning:

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