Sprint training session >10 career result

I completed a custom workout earlier which included 6x20s max and 6x10s max efforts- I built this in training peaks so both go over 300% FTP.

Having completed it, TR is saying it results in a career score of 21.0 (capped at 10.0).

Whilst it’s wonderful to think I’m an insanely gifted sprinter, this just isn’t the case.

Any thoughts appreciated. Only 1 week into TR and did search the forum first for similar posts but couldn’t find anything.

It’s likely overcounting sprints here. How long are those first sets of intervals? What’s the actual percentage of FTP that is in the workout?

In my testing, anything over something like 200% or 225% will inflate the Workout Level to unrealistic levels. Later I’ll go search for my forum post on the subject, where I modified existing TR workouts and increased the % on sprints.

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I believe this is getting fixed in workout level 2 release.


Back in November 2021 posted this:

played around with Birling -1 and saw these Workout Levels:

  • 5.8 level for TR’s Birling -1 which has 4x30-sec sprints and each sprint is 225% FTP for 20 seconds, and then 10 seconds decreasing from 225% to 30%
  • 5.9 level if I use WorkoutCreator to make a copy of Birling -1
  • 56.3 level if I use WorkoutCreator to increase the intensity by 133% (taking the 225% portion up to 300%)

Visuals here:

Workout creator does not seem to do well with sprints.

6x30s at 300% FTP, with 9:30 recoveries gives a workout level of 79 !

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Ah ok not me breaking TR at least.

I’d put in 240% then 290% for the respective sets so that tallies with those other %vs workout levels

Likely you would see reasonable results making the 6x20s something like 175% or 225%, and same comment for 6x10s. You would need to look at a TR sprint workout with 20-sec sprints, and same for TR workout with 10-sec sprints. I’m assuming the rest of your custom workout is endurance somewhere between 65-75% because that’s essentially what you’ll see with a TR workout (you would need to look and confirm).