Sprint Intensity Training - How Did You Do It?

A few questions on SIT, as I am trying this out before going into a more traditional plan.

Cadence - How did your choice of cadence affect interval quality? How did you manage the tradeoff between aerobic fatigue (high cadence) vs muscular fatigue (lower cadence), understanding we’re pushing up against muscular failure in either case.

ERG Mode vs Resistance. Which and why? And is it better to vary cadence in ERG mode if that leads to higher overall power, or hold cadence steady over the 30 second duration?

Training Block Design - how long did you do it, when in the training season and how did you manage the tradeoff between increasing power and adding intervals?

Strength Training - Anyone try these immediately after strength training and notice an affect on power output?


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@Jeff_A, tackling your last point first, yes you will affected by strength training prior to sprint intervals, just wondering why you’d want to comprimise the workout?
If its real sprinting you want to improve, you can only do it effectly outside on the road or on a track. Indoors its just not possible to replicate the full body movement involved in sprinting.
Cadence is actually both slow and fast in relation to the initial kick and final section of the sprint. As regards training block details, it depends upon where you are in the season or training plan you’re doing.

Generally agree with your comments and find the tips on sprinting helpful, thank you. I’m also trying something different here. Not really working on sprints per se, so much as trying to figure out how this particular training style is most effective. I’m hoping to see a fitness boost prior to starting a sweet spot plan, and that shorter workouts lead to more consistency in training that carries over. And oddly enough, I’m finding I can hit higher power targets if do lower body strength immediately preceding the workout, which is 100% not the case when doing sweet spot or above. The reason to pair them had mostly to do with being time efficient in the course of an hour but of course n=1, just wondering if anyone else tried this and how it went.