Sports nutrition alternatives

Having seen these:

I thought i’d look up how they compared to good old rice Krispy squares.

Per 100g they are basically the same except the sports version has slightly more fat, higher fibre, and lower calories, all things that aren’t particularly welcome during exercise?

The only difference is the Rice Krispies come in half the size bar, even considering this for the same calories it’s 60p Vs £2.50.

Am I missing anything? Any other sports products that are just rebranded supermarket staples?


I actually just found a similar recipe to make your own and the ingredients come out as £0.17 so pretty cheap compared to the £2.50.


Yes, sports products are pretty much just rebranded staples. Sports bars are expensive Rice Krispies. Drink mix is expensive sugar water. Electrolyte tablets are expensive salts. Obviously this is not entirely true, and if we’re splitting hairs, the sport specific products likely have some benefits that the supermarket equivalent don’t have. However, I would argue that the vast majority of people will perform just as well on Rice Krispies and sugar water as they would on Maurten gels and carb mix.


And if anyone wants to make Veloforte bars here is an alternative recipe:

I reduce the nuts by skipping the walnuts. It’s more faff to make than rice crispies and you need to measure the temperature of the sugar but they taste good and survive super well in a back pocket and last for ages. I’ve fed mountain expeditions and some long rides with this recipe.

Sports nutrition is the ultimate ‘marginal gains.’

They offer nothing you can’t make yourself, probably with stuff you already have in your cabinets for nearly free. I mean it is literally just different combination of salts, water, sugars. This stuff is not hard to come by…

Is sports.nutrition ‘better?’ Maybe…probably. But you’re paying 10-20x or more for something that offers a likely measurable, but insignificant benefit.

Sports nutrition is the oversized pully wheels of the food world.

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This sounds like the exact opposite of what I would want in a sports nutrition product.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought!