Splitting workouts between am and pm

So now that I’m getting closer to a proper season kick off I start planning my weeks and days. With work and family I sometimes find it hard to get all my prescribed workouts in. My best bet is usually the early morning. I don’t mind getting up at 4.45 or 5 and get some work done, but I rarely can suffer through the tougher workouts like Mills. I was thinking whether it might make sense to split these workouts into an easier part of 30 to 45 min in the morning, something like Birch, and then do another 30 or 45 minutes workout in the evening with higher intensity. That way I’d hit my TSS goals and am mitigating the risk of a long day in the office ruining my training day. Would the training effect be roughly the same? Anyone done this before and can share their experience? And if I decide to go down that route, how should I design the workout pairs for a day?

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