Splitting up workout and adaptive training


I am currently commuting to work and have taken a longer way in order to complete the workout.

However, in the near future the workouts change from 60 min to 90 min which will be a stretch for me to complete while commuting.
How does splitting up the workout affect adaptive training adaption?

I have been thinking on simply just pausing the workout when i arrive at work and resuming for the commute back home.
Or to take a 60 min alternative training.

what is the best way forward?

I would choose alternate workouts that are not longer than 60 minutes.


Alternative 60 min workout personally


Year i figured the alternative workout was a good solution.
However, i am still curious on the effect on splitting the workout and the adaption.

I cant say 100% but I think TR records an outside workout if done a success initially and relies on your survey feedback to say otherwise. I think it would handle splitting up the workout as long as it recorded as one ride. However, I think workout intensity is lower the longer a ride is to achieve the same results. So at the extreme (for example purposes only) you would be doing two low intensity rides, whereas if those two rides were immediately back to back those two low intensity rides become one higher intensity ride. But keep them to separate times and they are still just two low intensity rides. As said I think for the system to adapt more smoothly the Alternative option is probably best. Perhaps TR support can give you a more definitive answer.