Custom Easy Rides as Warmups to Adaptive Training Workouts

New here. Loving the Adaptive Training. I am doing the TR workouts each weekday morning, and a long IRL ride on Saturdays. Training for an ultra race (24hrs). I’d like more volume each morning. So I’d like to do 45-60 mins non-ERG (resistance mode) at an easy self-regulated pace. THEN start the prescribed TR workout for the day. Not sure how to do this? I can add on a 2nd workout and do them back-to-back (easy warmup, then the TR workout). But I’d like TR to credit me with the Endurance/Recovery time when it figures out my adaptations. Any suggestions?

Yup, as of now, you are best to perform two actual TR workouts, back to back like you suggest.

Find the closest starter in the catalog and add it. Use RES mode and pedal as you wish. If you are reasonably close to the power target (choose well), you will get “credit” for that at whatever Workout Level it is set.

However, depending on the relative Progression Level you have for the related Level, a shorter workout like this may have little to no actual impact on Progression Levels. They only gain you anything if the Workout Level of what you complete exceeds your current Progression Level.

If you are just filling time with TSS and such, and the WOL is lower, you won’t get PL credit exactly, but you will presumably get the desired training benefit, so that works in the end.


You could also try extending the warmup (a lot), and switch it to resistance mode to pedal as you like. This at least keeps it as one workout.
You won’t get AT credit for this, as currently AT just looks at the workout you do (and whether you do it well enough or not) to credit your progression levels. It does not analyze the work you actually to determine progression levels, but once it does do this the above will hopefully be properly analyzed as it is all one ride. I suspect that analyzing multiple rides together is an extremely low priority for TR, so that will likely never work.
I like AT, but right now it is rather simplistic and really only handles you doing workouts as prescribed - anything else results in workout not being properly accounted for. (And by properly I mean that the actual work performed during the workout is the basis for the PL analysis, rather than the assigned work.)

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