Trainer Calibration

Is it necessary or optimal to ride the trainer for some time before calibrating in TrainerRoad? When calibrating in Zwift, they say do so after 10 minutes. I don’t see any sort of instruction like that when calibrating through the iOS app.

Wheel-on trainer? Yep.

It is also recommended to warm up wheel-off trainers before their spin-down calibration.

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TrainerRoad software doesn’t even have a calibration option for my Elite Direto.

Have you submitted a feature request?

Thanks for the reply @summerson. @mcneese.chad I have an off-wheel trainer. Would it be sufficient for my next ride if I calibrate at the end of a ride? If so does it matter how many days are in between rides? What causes a trainer to come out of calibration? Does it matter if I calibrate through the iPhone app but then do a workout through the desktop app? Thanks in advance.

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  1. That is what I do. Just do it right after completing the workout.

  2. In general, wheel-off trainers are good with a single calibration about every 2-3 weeks. However, if you move or unload and load the bike, it is recommended to calibrate for best results.

  3. Source device for calibration does not matter. The calibration info gets stored in the trainer for all future use.


Good news. Thanks.

Which platform are you using for TR? I have a spin down calibration on iOS for the DIreto, maybe it’s not on all versions of the software?

I tend to calibrate at the end of each workout when I remember so the trainer is well warmed prior to each calibration and ready for the next workout.

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Any chance you could give us a few pointers/instructions on this?

Perhaps this is close"

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If I click on the settings button of the Direto in the top right hand corner when it is connected there is a calibration button which starts a spin down calibration.


The Direto uses an optical torque sensor which generally is a lot more “stable” than strain gauge type sensors. As a result, calibration isn’t needed as frequently with OTS vs. strain gauge.
Elite recommends 2x per month calibration - I usually just do in the Elite app at the end of a workout every couple of weeks. The “offest” value has remained very stable in the time I’ve had my Direto - only varying by 3-4 - another sign that the calibration is very stable (although at some point I’ll likely need to tighten the belt to get the offset back into its recommended range (within 5 of the factory offset).

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Thanks all

No. I’m just now figuring out that it’s a problem. :roll_eyes:

If I calibrate now my workout plan will be all jacked up.


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Not necessarily. I was in the same boat as you at one point having not calibrated the Direto for several months. While your trainer/experience may be different even after a long period of not calibrating my Direto ended up reading around 10W higher than other PM’s I can compare it to having started the same.

As @DaveWh pointed out the Direto by design is very stable, much more so than my P2M for example where the built in temperature compensation effects the power readings indoors significantly and I have to calibrate between intervals probably for the first hour before they stabilize.

When I was in that position I finished the part of the Plan I was on, and then recalibrated more regularly from there.

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Hey there!

We have not fully completed the Calibration for the Direto, and as such, it will only calibrate when paired via Bluetooth. Are you pairing via ANT+?

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Bryce, roger that! I’m using ANT+ but I can be flexible! :grinning:

I always calibrate at the beginning of every workout after I check air pressure.
I use a Kirt Kinetic Road Machine (dumb trainer I think…) I was using their software for my trainer rides and calibration was built into the beginning of every ride. I believe the calibration would occur after the suggested 10 minute warm-up. Makes sense. In hind site, the warmup was as much for the trainer as it was for me.
Today I wanted to test the calibration so I did it 3 times - before, during, and at the end of the ride.
My results are below.

1.60 - First calibration - 00:00:00
1.80 - Second calibration - 00:15:00
1.90 Third calibration - 00:59:00

I think it suggests that as the ride goes on and the trainer “warms up” the rolling resistance decreases.
The ride was 01:00:00 Petite+1

I’d never considered calibrating my kickr at the end of a workout ready for the next. I also calibrate it cold, occasionally if it doesn’t feel right I may pause a workout and calibrate but I’d love it to be incorporated into the workout after the warm up if that was possible. I’m usually pushed for time and on the back of my mind if I pause a workout, run a spin down, I might be in a situation where workout doesn’t resume and I have to perform the first 10 minutes again. Appreciate you can now scrub through a workout but my OCD/Strava obsession won’t allow that :joy:

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