Specific Workouts for Long Races

Hi Forum,

Looking ahead to 2021, I’m planning on targeting one of Australia’s most iconic races, Grafton to Inverell. It’s a 225km road race with +3000m of climbing (12km climb 80km in which will probably make a select group), exposed roads with lots of headwind/crosswinds. Roughly a 7 hour day with approx +5000 calories used.

I’m aware of the energy systems which will be required for this event, having a big endurance tank, and applying threshold on the climb and vo2 to stay with the surges etc.

My question, is how do you modify the existing planned workouts so that they specifically cater for this kind of event? I’ve seen some riders for longer events complete 5hr workouts where the first 2hrs are threshold intervals with the remaining 3hrs at zone 2. Is this the most appropriate approach?

I would also love to get some advice from riders who have done these big events (6hr+ races) and how you trained for these big days.

For some more context, I’ve been a trainerroad user for 2 years. 4.25w/kg and experienced with structured training.

looks like race will be going ahead 14 november 2020… i’m also interested in best plan for the race… my thoughts are mid volume century plan, but making 1 or 2 of the endurance rides per week ourtdoors in the mountains, thus creating “high volume.”