Specialized venge s-works fake or not? please help

https://frankfurt.apollo.olxcdn.com/v1/files/k7t6pyo4b4if2-RO/image;s=1000x700 Hello, i saw this bike and i would like to buy it, but i have heard that there are a lot of fake s-works. Can someone tell me if this bike is real or fake? I didn’t find this exact same model on the internet. Thank you very much!

Here is a real Venge…

Four things stand out to me on the bike you posted:

  • The “bulbs” on the downtube where the cables enter…not there on the picture I posted.
  • “Specialized” is upside down on the forks.
  • The seatstays look more “flattened” then the image above.
  • Headtube is more rounded in the front

I would be highly suspicious. If the pricing is too good to be true, it is usually for a reason. Ask them for the Serial Number and then you can call Specialized and confirm if it is legit.


Definitely fake.

He now told me that he repainted the bike. This was the frameset before the repaint

@westrenboy sounds like you’re a little conflicted about this transaction…on the one hand you’d REALLY like a venge but on the other hand something about the deal is making you think it might not be on the level.

My advice is start right now with the notion that you’re not going to buy this bike. But there may be some combination of exceptional circumstances that could change your mind.

Then contact the seller and just be on the level about it, ‘I can’t be sure this frame is authentic. It’s not a question of seller’s integrity & I’m sorry you, seller, have to bear the baggage of all the Venger Fakers in the world. If I was convinced this was the authentic article…this would be a done deal.’

You might be surprised the things a motivated seller could come up with to convince you it’s the real deal:

1.) Here is the SALES RECEIPT
2.) Here is the BIKE SHOP I PURCHASED AT. Contact them.
3.) Here is the MAINTENANCE HISTORY of the bike. Contact my mechanic.

A venge is a >$10k bike. Unboxing video? New bike day pics? Bike shop pics on facebook? There’s going to be some sort of day-of-sale commemorative paraphenalia.

For me, the re-paint story would set off alarm bells. Unless you crap money I don’t think you take your venge in for a re-paint.


Again, I would be highly suspicious. I cannot find a single image of an actual Venge frame with those little “bulbs” on the downtube where the cables enter. The cables entered directly into the downtube…

Here is another example…

Funnily enough…that is my old bike!! I sold it a few years ago to a guy in Colorado and he apparently then sold it to The Pro’s Closet. at some point.

That thing was killer…limited edition paint (only sold in Asia…I got it as a warranty due to BB issues), Campag Record 10 Speed, S-Works carbon cranks w/ Quarq, HED Jet 5 wheels, Mavic SSC brakes and a Specialized Aerofly HB.

Anyway, back to the point…I think it is a fake frame. Ask for receipts, bike shop names and serial #'s before proceeding (but I would probably just walk away…too many red flags).

The only two images I found of that bike (granted the exact same bike and color scheme) don’t show those extra surrounds where the cables enter the frame. I agree with @Power13 that it’s a fake


Thank You for your time and help. I won’t buy this bike.