Real Venge or Fake Venge?

i found this from some second hand website and selling for 700usd
Anyone have a 2014 venge that knows if serial number is on the frame?

Here is the real thing….,241,241)&w=2500&h=1406&fmt=auto

What sets my alarm off…minor variances in graphics color, overall setup and the fork looks too wide.

The 105 drivetrain and flat pedals are also signs that something could be off. The head tube angle also seems very steep.

If it is too good to be true, it usually is….but ask them for pictures of the serial number on the frame. Then contact Specialized or a dealer and ask them to confirm if it is legit. My guess is the guy disappears once you ask.


Is it possible for him to customize this bike?

Agree 105 and flat pedals on as S-works nothing wrong with that just unlikely given the frameset cost and the time. Looking through some pictures the Venge logo was more a dark silver/grey not white.

Yeah, ask for the serial number like @Power13 said.

The $700 price makes me think right away that it was stolen… Or just a fake.

I looked at just the frameset colors since they vary from the full builds sometimes, and the “white venge” is not a thing from 2014.

And the 105 build is on the Elite version


if it is a fake they went to a lot of trouble. The frame size may throw things off, this is about a 48-50 cm frame by the look of the rear triangle. Maybe a frame built up is cheap… which I agree is odd for a Venge frame set. So it is possible it was a frame only then built or cannibalized for parts? Many parts not what one would expect for a Venge type build.

where is the serial number at?

I take it you haven’t looked at aliexpress. You can find a well done fake in most anything. Here’s a Sagan “Ven-ge” for $700:

To me this one looks fake. Lots of extra “Fact” carbon logos. It has cheap Chinese wheels, 105 and a cheap crankset.

Why not just ask the seller straight up?

you may well be correct, it could be a cheap knock off. Or it could be a stupid cheap build, but the serial number should tell the story one way or the other. The seller may not know or may not tell the truth.

Just adding a further layer of comfort to Chad’ comment regarding counterfeit products

Download the Specialized app

Add bike to your profile, scan the barcode on the underside of the bottom bracket and the app comes up with the make and model of the bike.

Do you not think that they put fake serial numbers on fake frames?

Instead of posting on a forum, why not just directly contact the seller. I have a good enough BS detector that when I talk to a seller I can tell that something is not right.

Where did you buy the bike?
How long have you ridden it?
What wheels are those?
What is the serial number?
How long have you had it?
Can you send me a pic of the serial number?

If they hem and haw, you know something is up. Just by the graphics and extra stickers where there shouldn’t be I’m pretty sure it’s a fake.

Another sign of a fake Specialized fake is the wrong bottom bracket. Sometimes they have english threaded or BB30 instead of the OSBB.

this site is a good starting place to figure out a fake.

I still own an original Venge and that frame is a fake. All the Specialized included accessories look all wrong. The seat clamp, the headset cap, the spacers, the saddle clamp, etc. The graphics are the wrong sizes and locations. The proportions of the frame are sublety wrong (look at the seat tube height above the line of the top tube/stays).


Until the latest Tarmac SL8 I was a specialized fan.

That color scheme is what’s on the 2015 diverge aluminum frame. The carbon elite was a slightly different paint scheme and the black bikes mainly had red logos in 15.

I got rid of 2015 last week! I have 3 tarmacs. One venge which is the worst bike I ever owned and aluminum diverge 2022. 2015 diverge I used so much it was ridiculous but comfortable.

Not likely real even if it is not worth buying the ride was horrible on these older Venges. Or all for that matter. Not to mention the odds of it not being cracked is slim based on experience.

Nonetheless, plenty about these bikes on this site and others.

Save your money and your bum.

Yeah the road feel is an acquired taste. I use mine as my trainer bike now. They are pretty though!

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Very good use of the venge. Anytime I feel like I need a meat grinder I’ll break it out!