HELP. Is this a legitimate venge?

Hi guys! I came across a venge that I love. But I have heard that there are a lot of fake copies of venge in the market. Is this one of it? Any help is greatly appreciated thank you!

Maybe ask the seller for the frame number and contact Specialized. What sticks out to me is a very expensive frame and very modest groupset and flat pedal while nothing wrong with that it is unusual, My suspicion is saying highly likely including the wheels.


I’m no Venge expert, and agree with what Jowen989, but two things struch me, 1) the front tyre to frame distance seems larger than on a venge b) the last venge to have rim brakes was the frame type intoduced in 2016 model, and they were propriety version mounted behind the fork and underneith the seat stays, 2014 model did, but the frame looks different on that

Not a Venge expert, just a couple of things that jumped out at me (as well as the groupset)

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thank you!

Full disclosure not a venge expert either can’t even recall seeing one or paying much attention if I did. To me the top tube arch doesn’t look right aswell as the head tube shape, the curve on the down top is quite pronounced as the bottom on the seat tube or sea tube angle only going by images I struggling to find one that looks like the above.

It looks ‘off’ to me.


I did this a few years back with an S-Works Tarmac SL6 that the price seemed way too good to be true. Specialized asked for some pictures and the serial number and responded pretty quickly. They’re good about stopping knock offs.

If the deal looks too good to be true, it likely is. Like the others have already said, ask the seller for the serial number and confirm with Specialized. In case the seller doesn’t want to play ball or stone walls, look elsewhere.

Doesn’t look like any venge I’ve ever seen, frame shape wise. Here’s a rim brake venge, totally different top tube, downtube, seat tube, wheelbase, the more I look the more blatantly fake the black one looks

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100% a fake. No question about it.

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Cassette looks way too big for the groupset. Seems to have about forty teeth on the big ring.

110% fake, looks awful

Not to take away from this thread, but I think the OP’s question has been answered.

Here’s another fun one for you. This was posted by a local repair guy as “suspicious”. Unfortunately there’s little could be done about it and the “owner” quickly retrieved it and disappeared. Have a go and I’ll reveal the answer later

Definitely not a Venge.

Just type Venge into Google.

Not a Scott. They don’t have that seat tube/top tube junction area.

That is 100% fake. It looks bootleg in every way and nothing close to a real one.

In general, don’t be afraid to ask a seller:

“What shop did you buy it from?”

“Do you have documentation?”

“What is the serial number?”

Their reaction will tell you everything you need to know.


Consensus was it was a black and yellow Giant Defy Advanced 1 that someone dressed up as a Scott with a more effort than just a back alley spray job. The guy was apparently quite defensive and deflected questions since the repair guy knew right off it wasn’t legit. He took it in and posted trying to buy some time to identify it. Unsurprisingly the serial number had been sanded off so there was no recourse for the repair guy but to give it back to the person who dropped it off who quickly retrieved it after seeing the post in a local stolen bike forum.

Looks like a TCR to me…

EDIT: have now read the earlier posts!

Hi everyone, thank you for all the help. Here is a photo of the serial of the bike sent to me by the seller