Legitimate 2015 S-works Venge?

Hi Everyone! Looking to start cycling and I came across this S-works Venge. May I ask for help to spot if this is legitimate?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you

![b2|690x388] (upload://4EeRjTACgxk4qglrThksn3B523t.jpeg)

That is the same serial number picture you said was from the other bike in the previous thread you started (not sure why this needed a new thread)

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Interesting that the first postings from @CharlesDB are about fake Venges in which he’s posting different pics of the bike but the serial number pic is the same,

So @CharlesDB - what you up to? Surely this alleged seller isn’t trying to sell two bikes to you with the same serial number…


So the OP joins the board and in ~12 hours starts two threads asking about suspicious bikes w/ the same serial #?

Seems pretty clear to me that the OP is the seller and hoping to trick someone into thinking they are legit and get them to buy it.


Yeah, I’m watching these closely as something just seems off here.


A suspicious person might think someone is fishing for tips as to how to spot a fake to make it look less fake or gauge how saavy high end buyers are.


Hi actually Im a buyer who is looking to make my first big bike purchase. Really saved up for it hence why Im trying to be very careful not to be duped. Unfortunately, Im not good at discerning if its legitimate even when I check it via specialized’s guide for counterfeits.

Sorry if it confused anyone and still appreciate the help

Seems fishy to me with the previous thread. It sounds like your a dodgy seller looking to make your sale look as legit as possible. Don’t go and screw someone over who is just getting into the sport we all love and ruin it for them please.

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Unless swapped out, no self respecting S-Works would have 105 on it.


What’s your budget Charles? We might be able to advise something more appropriate and prevent you from getting scammed. Honestly, I wouldn’t be buying a Venge with 105 attached to it and it would be more expensive to upgrade back to something in keeping with the frame. Your money would be wisely invested in something shiny and new.

my budget is current around 1,500 to 3000 USD max. the one in the photo is in the market for 2,800 hence why I am considering it. I just thought that it would be for good value since I don’t really know much about bikes till now aside from what groupset to pick and what framesets are good.

Would it be better to just get a new one?

I say this politely and with the principle of charity in mind: I think it would make everyone on here feel a little happier if you were able to explain why the 2 threads, at least verbally referring to the same bike, appear to have photos of different bikes but the same serial number/sticker.


Yes. You’ll get much more out of a budget of 3000 USD plus warranty support. And then if you want to upgrade to a superbike, you’ll have something to sell or something to keep for winter riding. e.g. something like this https://www.canyon.com/en-us/road-bikes/endurance-bikes/endurace/endurace-cf-sl-disc-8.0/2185.html?dwvar_2185_pv_rahmenfarbe=BK%2FGY (bit more endurance focus but a modern carbon frame with a brand new ultegra groupset)

HI sorry for the confusion everyone, I was checking the two bikes for purchase from fb marketplace. Upon my review, I realized I uploaded the serial for this one in the other bike thread. I was checking the two bikes for possible purchase and the serial was similar in look hence my mistake in uploading. the serial was for this bike rather than my old post.

Sorry everyone again for the confusion

Looks more legit than the last one but I think it would be better for everyone including you if you had your local bike shop check it over for safety/legitimacy rather than us who can’t see the bike in person

Honestly for that money I’d buy something new, and not a 7 year old frame with likely worn out parts. You might not get big name branding on it, but it’ll ride better and last longer.

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This is not an sworks but looks more like a comp.

I had a 2017 this looks more real than the other.

@CharlesDB you’d be better off, as others hsve said, buying a new bike with some sort of warranty if you’re getting into cycling. TR is also quite a nice forum as mostly dedicated to TR users so why post on here and not some other cycling forums? :thinking: Or if you have posted on others which ones?

If you’ve never had a road bike before how do you know whether you’ll like it? :thinking: So to my mind I’d look to certainly try before you buy and only purchase on line if you’re very sure it’s what you want but more importantly the right size. :grin:

There’s loads of threads on here about buying bikes with some stellar recommendations. If you splash the cash and don’t like the ride chances are it’ll just gather dust. If you can get a test ride from a bike shop or friends with bikes you’ll be better served in trying to drill down to what you should be looking at.

It’s no good buying a bike unless you will ride it and even worse us to buy an old or fake version of something when new, shinny and real will arguably ride better for you.

I’m still a little suspicious of your threads but if you are a genuine buyer - hope it works out, whatever you decide to do. :grin:

Someone should do the Sean Bean meme with “One does not simply buy a road bike” :grin: :+1:t2:

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It may look more “legit” but it is still a fake. Look at the cable entry on the down tube. See the small bulged cable stops? Venges don’t have those…the cable stops are inside the DT, not external. I had two Venge frames from this model era and neither one had those bulged cable stops.

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Now that you mention it I remember a discussion about those cable stops in another “is this a real ____” thread a few weeks ago.

Personally wouldn’t buy a used bike unless it was someone I knew personally, or a friend of a friend type situation, both for authenticity and to ensure it’s not something that’s been crashed and taped back together without me knowing.