Real or fake Venge 2015?

Does everyone know in year 2015 S Works did a Venge model wit Sram E-Tap system on it ?
Or i just bought fake bicycle. Here is a few pictures.

Pretty sure that’s not a 2015

The frame is 2016 Venge Vias or newer.


Yeah, the bike was introduced in mid 2015, but I think it’s considered a 2016 model year bike.

Not seeing an Etap model, so could have been a frameset “module” build.

I’d suggest contacting a local Specialized dealer with the serial number for at least one double-check.

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The 52cm sticker looks fishy to me, the real style of them is different and hasn’t changed much in 10 years. Maybe the vias had a different one, I don’t know.
The rest of the frame looks good.

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i guess that this is no longer question:((((
i bought a fake.

And yes, you all are right. It’s 2016 Vias model with Ultegra Di2 building(originally), and S-Works really does have this frame. But the sticker in it was the first thing that took my eye, i have Specialized bike which i bought from official store new, so that’s why i started to doubt.
This is how original sticker looks like on Venge 2016

That sucks, but is a lesson learned. Pull all the non-Specialized and Roval parts off, and consider selling them or a swap to a legit bike.

Then cut up that fake and save someone else from the same fate with that junk at least.

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This… or use it on your trainer.


I get the idea for trainer use, but it’s a fake with entirely questionable build quality. Snapping a bar or fork could still end up as a bad fall / crash inside. I had a friend eat it hard with a single seat post screw failed while he was sitting up and drinking on the trainer.

Up to the owner how much risk they want to take on, but a fake is beyond any level of trust for me.

Outside of that, following up with the seller and any chain of ownership could be worthwhile. An FYI to them at the least since this could have been caused earlier.