Real or Fake Venge?

See a good deal on a Venge locally, but comparing their photo to the other ones I see online, this has “S works” on the top tube… Anyone have a 2020 venge that knows if “s works” is on the top tube?3324805-1593829781-152847

Definitely not an S-works Venge. Looks like a Venge Pro Force eTap

The rest looks real enough. Right wheels for the groups, etc. Looks like it was bought by someone who couldn’t handle the geometry.


Specialized logo and groupset make that look like a 2020 Venge Pro (Sram etap), and somebody has stuck “s-works” on the top tube


Looks like my bike. Not SWorks, but a Venge Pro.

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Couldn’t find the marking on the seat tube or headset (white logo)… Just seemed suspicious for $4000.3324805-1593829787-729252 3324805-1593829784-762705

Someone just added the stickers. It’s a stock paint scheme.

Technically the Pro is the same frame as an S-Works. It is Fact 11r for both so there is no difference beyond the downtube label, which some people care about.

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First, feel the seller out. Ask questions like:

What shop did you buy it from? Did you put that top tube sticker on? Is it removable? If the seller has a good vibe and you want to buy the bike you could have the local Specialized shop check it out for you.

Why would he do that? It’s super obvious that it is not a S-WORKS Venge.

If the seller claims it is one then I would recommend not to buy it of him. Who knows what else he is hiding. If he states it’s a Pro then there is nothing wrong with that. Simple as that.


Lots of people put decals on their bikes. As you said, if he’s claiming it’s S-Works, it isn’t. If he’s claiming it’s a Pro, nothing wrong here IMO.


Yup, absolutely! :v:t3::smiley:

He would do that because he wants to feel more comfortable about this bike.

It is obviously a Venge Pro but, you know a Venge Pro has exactly the same frame as an S-Works Venge. It really doesn’t make the seller untrustworthy if they call it an S-Works in their add.

What he should do is call the seller. You get a lot better feel for a seller from a phone call compared to emails or texts. If he is really concerned about authenticity then he should have a shop that sells these bikes check it out for him.

If the seller claims to sell a S-WORKS while he is actually selling a PRO he is committing fraud. There is no arguing about that.

If he is offering the bike as a PRO, then there is nothing wrong with that either. Then it all comes down to whether OP likes the bike, the condition it is in, the paperwork it comes with, and obviously also the price.

Either way, a bike shop will never give you a legally binding expertise on a bike a third party is selling. They would expose themselves to a potential law suit.

When buying expensive used stuff of people it’s always best to listen to your gut feeling. OP seems to not have a good one about the seller. Better walk away from it then (especially if it’s marketed as S-WORKS).

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Or Stolen (hence sell it not as what was stolen, less attention)?


If I ever get to the point where I ask this type of question out loud, let alone on a forum, I’d suggest my instincts are telling me it’s dodgy. Don’t over-rule your instincts through cognitive thought. Read “Blink” by Michael Gladwell.



If the deal it’s too good to pass…

Then maybe you should pass…


Now you guys are just inventing stuff. He said it was a good deal. He didn’t say it was too good to be true.

This bike looks exactly like a stock Venge Pro. It’s the right color, groupset, wheels, everything looks 100% factory stock other than that sticker on the top tube.

So, the OP needs to call the guy before the bike is snapped up by someone else. You can’t get a very good gut instinct without at least talking to the seller and going to see it in person.

You score good deals by jumping fast and contacting the guy. If you post on a forum and ask what everybody thinks the bike may sell before you even contact the seller.

All that said, I did search aliexpress and there are apparently Venge fakes. The fact that they exist means you need to do your due diligence. Either you know where the fakes differ from the real thing and know what to look for or have a shop look it over and check the serial number with Specialized.


May I remind you of what you said earlier on? :v:t3:

Also 4,000 bucks for a bike that retails and 8,000 Dollars is cheap. Especially considering it’s fairly new. So I guess it’s legit to suspect it’s too good to be true. :wave:t3:

It’s understandable to suspect faul play. It could very well be stolen or a fake. Like others have said. It’s often best to trust your first feeling about things. No need to convince yourself.

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I don’t own a Specialized bike. Does the frame have a serial # on it? (My Colnago does.) This would make tracing the authenticity easier.

Thank you for all the replies. To follow-up. He had placed the ad on the 4th, I texted him that I’d buy it that day, but he was working and would meet me the following AM (yesterday). So I sent the TR forum this post as it had less than 1000mi and seemed like a screaming deal for $4k.

We planned to meet at 10:30 am, but at 9:45 he texts me saying that another person offered him $4200. I let him know that I could pay more. So he sends me an address of a parking lot of some church instead of his home address (still not crazy sketch, but also makes me raise an eyebrow). So I text if he has the original receipt just in case of frame issues etc and about 20 minutes later he texts that he doesn’t have a receipt… and that someone else just offered him $4500. If I want it I’d need to go to $4600 (Venmo only).

While it probably is a legit Venge and probably a legit seller, I let it go. Who knows… I didn’t love the color anyway :slight_smile: There’s always another…

Thank you for those that reached out and great gave advice.


Sounds like the right move, personally I would struggle to buy a bike from someone if they couldn’t prove they owned it.