Specialized Power Mirror saddle

They have not been available in the US for that long. I put about 3000 miles on my printed Romin. Looks brand new on top. No sign of any distortion, side to side or sag. I’m about 165 lbs. Summers here, we will see how it holds up in the Texas heat

So I don’t have data to back this up - other then the subjective feeling of my sit bones - but have the strong suspicion that my mirror saddle is losing quite a bit of its initial souplesse. Cannot recall exactly when I bought the saddle but made a positive comment in this topic in Jan 2021. Increasingly suffering again from saddle pain, and the material just feels sturdier now. Never left the bike in the sun, and might want to do a comparison in a bike shop with a new saddle. Anyone else?

Ouuf… do you use a chamois cream?

I know that Specialized has sent out a PM to dealers saying that no chamois cream should be used to due them being able to cause the damage seen in your image.

Totally ridiculous, but yeah…

So if you warranty it, don’t mention any chamois, you only clean it with water etc.

Oh jeez. I had not heard that.

That’s ridiculous.

Chamois cream**** Just so that was clear :smiley:

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Haha. Yeah. Was pretty sure I didn’t have to ride in jorts!


just to add one data point to this amazing thread…

I have been riding the Bontrager Aeolus Pro for about 6 weeks on a Trek Emonda (racy style bike). I am running 25mm tires with tubes at about 90PSI. I weigh 190lbs. roads are mostly B+ / A- condition but can become a C- for a few meters here and there.

I was pretty happy with it but have been watching this thread (and youtube binging) and bought the Romin Mirror and the Power Mirror to try out. all similar widths.

so I rode in to work today about 20 miles. I figured I’d try the Romin Mirror first so I could feel a different seat shape also. The ride in was great. Felt instantly like this was my seat for life. The bumps that I previously had to stand up a little on to absorb were much less noticeable. I took one for the team to test and I didn’t stand up at all and it felt great. So I am pretty sure this was from the 3d printed material.

another thing I noticed was when I was sitting and hit a big bump I’d fly in the air a little bit more than the Aeolus. only like a half inch…not like a trampoline or to where I thought I’d fly off. so I’ll probably still stand a touch on these bumps when I see them in the future.

as for the seat shape I felt like I could anteriorly rotate my pelvis more and really push harder in an aero position. I rode the drops a lot more than normal. I especially noticed it on a slight uphill. the slight uphill stretches felt almost like a flat to me.

the ride home was going great. I took a longer path (25 miles). Half way I noticed extreme muscle soreness in my upper hamstring / lower gluts. It got to the point where I coasted every chance I got and tried to stand on uphills and where I could. I think I was just pushing so hard in the drops or I was using muscles I never used before due to my seat position changing? I tried to line it up as close as possible. This probably had more to do with the seat placement than anything. The only reason I mention it is I wonder if my gluts had to work to suspend me more on the seat since it was springier??? not sure.

Either way I am getting a bike fit next week and wanted to test out the materials (I’ll let them help me with the shape). I am actually pretty excited that my gluts are so sore…can’t wait to get my seat position perfect to use more muscles.

in terms of the 3d printing, not sure how much benefit there would be indoors over the bontrager saddle but outside it absorbed a LOT of the road chatter. also if you have wider tires with lower pressure or something, not sure if it’s worth it.

for me I’m sold on the material…just need to dial in the seat shape and position now.

build quality on all 3 of saddles is excellent.


Inside is where they have shined the most for me, albeit I have sold all 3 Mirror Power and gone over to Selle Italia.

Lovely saddles :smiley:

Just need to come down a taaaaaad in price…

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Tell me more. Have a Mirror power and considering Selle Italia lately. What made you change and is your experience now?

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The Mirror saddles are of course insane comfortable, but for me they were too wide, which mean that I gravitated to the front of the saddle, which then meant that I didn’t use the cutout.

So over longer rides I had more pressure on my soft parts than I’d wish.

So with the Selle Italias I run the S version, which is narrow enough that I can sit on the wider parts and fully utilise the cutout.

I am 183cm and 77kg with hockey thighs so might have something to do with it.

If I sat far back enough on the mirror my thighs hit the wings of the saddle.

On the Selle the saddle just disappears under.

It’s a bit more firm though, so would be interesting to try their 3D models or gravel models.

Or go back to Specialized and try Romin Mirror (only used Power Mirror).

I have both, and I can barely tell the difference when in the saddle. Of course we all have different experiences when it comes to saddles though.

His rant on width falls flat when you see that a 143mm width is available for most if not all of the 11 Power saddle variants I checked. Some are out of stock as of right now, but they seem to be an option.

That along with the relative success I have seen and heard with the Power saddle broadly speaking just don’t jive with his rant. Sure, I can grab a 168mm off the wall and lampoon it like he did. But considering that max width is only available in 4 of the 11 models, it’s hardly a “problem” unless you force that on someone that it’s not the right solution. I have found riders that ended up quite happy with that manta ray sized saddle.

No different than any saddle, a Power is not a perfect solution for everyone in every size. But fair and nuanced videos don’t grab attention as well as overblown clickbait BS.


Sure and like any process, it is not perfect. There are assumptions made with that saddle and process (mainly that the rider is more like to be in a forward pelvic rotation with lower handlebar setup) which places the rider more forward on the rami than the ischial tuberosities. Even if that is totally correct in essence, the reality is that it will not work for everyone.

And despite the origin of the saddle in the first place (pro’s and women in more aggressive low positions), the saddle has seen wider adoption in positions more upright that may alter the function and placement on the saddle. End of the day, there is NO SYSTEM that can accurately guess or recommend a saddle with anything more than 50/50 results from what I have seen. Actual saddle time and use is the only real way to know, and width is a crucial aspect right along with actual shape.

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I’m a big, wide guy. I was guessing I’d need the 155 but went to an LBS to get sized. Ended up with the 143 Power Mirror and it’s just right. I like the saddle and now have it on two bikes.

This is my N=1 but as Chad said, saddle choice is a personal choice and a good fit matters a lot.

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Yup, and keep in mind that Specialized (like many other brands) offers a 30-day return policy on saddles (along with other products). Buy it and try it, love it or return it as needed, which is almost necessary in the case of saddles.

Used / Undamaged Returns

Used, but undamaged, items purchased from our webstore must be returned within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. We cannot accept the return of product that has been damaged beyond ordinary wear and tear or that has been involved in any crash or impact, as determined by Specialized. The item must be returned with everything included with your original purchase, including manuals, warranty, and other accessories. In case of a bike, all original components must be returned.

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a new more economical mirror tech saddle


Great to see them pushing the tech downward. This seems a bit like the old “gel insert” approach with a lesser amount specifically located. I like that aspect and the fact that it’s covered as well. Hoping to read some reviews as well as see if they expand this to the other models.

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Yea I’m interested how it feels compared to the “full mirror” versions. Would be nice at a fraction of the cost. Could throw it on the trainer bike.

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To me, it looks suspiciously like the saddles before mirror came out. They had those “bubbles” in the leather too. I could just be judging a book by its cover, but I won’t be the first to buy this one.

I get what you are thinking but looking at them together, I think there is a real difference hiding under the somewhat similar surface irregularities:

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