Crowd sourcing a saddle

In the market for a saddle. I had a specialized power comp that’s almost great but it chafes my inner thighs, was recommended to go for a power arc which is great for higher output efforts but is miserable for z2 rides.

Fuses I’m looking for a wider / flatter saddle like the power comp, but a narrower taper. I’ve got limited store options to go peruse so looking for TR opinions!

Also I’ve been fit to a 155mm in specialized

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How do the Pro Stealth compare?

Are you sure you want a wider saddle? I too have been fitted for a 155 spec saddle but never worked for me. I went with a fizik aliante wihich is 138mm. Once I got the angle and setback sorted I have been so happy. I can get on the nose in the attack position and really drill it or scoot back and chill.

The big problem with crowd sourcing saddle recommendations is that saddle fit is so uniquely you. What works for me, is not necessarily going to work for you. Plus what I’ve found, after trying a ton of saddles, is that the most important part in finding a comfortable saddle is living with one, and tinkering with:

  • Saddle tilt
  • Saddle fore / aft
  • Seat height

Some saddles take more fiddling to find the sweet spot for your body plus how you ride / your bike is setup. If you haven’t already, one of the things that worked for me was working with my local bike shop which has one of the Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Analyzer, and playing with the angle & saddle fore/aft. In my case, reducing the pressure spot came from move the saddle forward to get it more underneath me.

I’m happy with the size and general position of the saddle, what I’m looking for is a different shape of the physical saddle.

By wider, what I mean is the way the wings are designed. The power comp is very flat whereas the power arc is more crescent shaped.

The flatter wing style is much more comfortable for easy rides, but I can only ride one day and I start chafing.

Only saddle I buy these days is infinity. Based out of California. Most comfortable seat for me by a long shot. Yes, it looks weird. Yes, they’re expensive. Customer service is awesome along with their return policy. I have their older model on my track bike and my gravel and road bikes have the current model.

A Power saddle should not be chafing your thighs unless you are sitting way too far back on it.
Do you have a very narrow pelvis? If not, try adding some pedal spacers and see if that makes a difference.