Looking for Saddle Recommendations: Similar to Specialized Phenom, but flatter side to side

I know saddles are a very personal fit, but I’m looking for recommendations for saddles that are similar shape to the Specialized Phenom, but flatter across the width of the saddle. I’ve been using this saddle for a while, and I like it. But lately I’ve been noticing an irritation (mostly on the trainer) caused by the cutout “lip” due to the way the cutout stands up from the side to side curvature.

I use the Power Comp.
Similar shape but shorter snout.

I haven’t done a side by side of these saddles, but the Bridge Comp is worth a look.

I have had good luck with this saddle in fitting. Sadly it leans a bit more to the “comfort” side than the “competitive” side in weight and style which leads to some resistance. Some hesitate to ride it… until I put them on it and the relief seen is almost immediate. I have sold every one I got a person to ride in the fitting (4 total tries so far).

Thanks. As I have the most issues on the trainer, going to a saddle that is more on the “comfort” side isn’t a problem. Weight isn’t an issue, and more “comfort” would be a big plus.

Any thoughts on the Specialized Roman compared to the Phenom?

I haven’t handled the latest Romin EVO models, but they tend to be more curved in side to side profile (Left to Right) than the Phenom or Bridge, from my experience on the older Romins. My instinct would be that it’s the wrong direction based upon your comments, but with saddles… it is a crap shoot some days :stuck_out_tongue:

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  • Adding model to consider, the Bridge Sport.

  • It’s stupid cheap ($60 USD) and I will tell you that this is one of the most successful models we have ever sold. The prior version was the Toupe Sport, and this new Bridge version takes off right there that one stopped.

  • It has a higher level of padding than the Comp and gives even bigger smiles in my fits. And I happen to be running the prior Toupe Sport on my trainer bike as well as my gravel bikes. So I firmly trust this saddle, at least for my needs and many of my fit customers.

Thanks. I wish Specialized had CAD like drawings of its saddles available, so you could get a better feeling for width / how comparable in shape different saddles are, or aren’t.

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Mikes Bikes had a great selection of Specialized saddles, back when they were a dealer. Aren’t you in an area with some well stocked Specialized shops?

Yes. I just pinged Roaring Mouse to get info on their saddle demo program. But was looking for suggestions beyond just Specialized saddles.

I tried a couple Specialized saddles and am still a fan of my Selle SMP Drakon.

We sell Spesh and Trek. I have not had great luck with most Bontrager (Trek) saddles, but the Verse range might be worth a look if you have a T dealer in reach. This is quite similar to the Toupe / Bridge saddles in many ways. I actually bought one to try, but have not had a chance to put it on yet. I do have several friends running them with no complaints though, so I think it might be a good option.