Specialized Power Mirror saddle

Would you say that the Selle Italia SLR Superflow and Mirror Romin is the same fit, but just comfier?

Does your thighs touch the nose of the saddle on the Selle Italia (and on the Romin)?

I’d say broadly yes, it’s about the same ‘footprint’, although I’d say the nose of the Romin is perhaps a touch wider. So yes, there’s a little thigh rub, but not enough to bother me, and I’ve got quite big thighs. And it’s way comfier at the sit bones. When I’m back at base I can remind myself which sizes of each saddle I’ve got and I’ll update this post.

Generally I think there’s going to be a possible long-term issue with the large-thighed of us running through bib shorts a bit earlier with these 3D printed saddles as the noses have a bit of a rougher texture. Time will tell. In my view a price worth paying for a comfortable arse.

I’d also add that I took a look at Selle Italia’s 3D printed offering in my LBS and, in my opinion, it wasn’t very nice at all. I didn’t sit on it, but having felt it the surface was very hard and plasticky, and didn’t seem to have much give. It seemed a far less sophisticated offering than those of S-Works and Fizik. I’d have been mighty disappointed if I’d have bought it without seeing it first.

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The Power Mirror didn’t work great for me. Fizik Tempo Argo R1 didn’t either. Currently trying Fizik Vento Argo Adaptive R1 which is a little better, but not “Game Changing” in any sense. Even upgraded to a set of Rapha Brevet Bibs.

Not that any of them have been “bad” or putting me in any sort of real pain, I’m just beginning to think 3-4 hours or longer on a trainer is never going to be a scenario where I’m not thinking about growing saddle discomfort by the end.

Maybe I have to try the Romin next, but have to sell all these spares I’m acquiring first…

My build I have a lot of butt, thigh, leg muscle, not much fat. Bigger thighs for my size.

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I’m a huge proponent for good bibs, mirror saddles, rocker panels, etc. I’ve had expensive fits. I use quality chamois cream. As you said, I just don’t think there’s anything that is comfortable to put so much of my weight on for 3 hours. I can make it less uncomfortable, but never “comfortable”. I’ve just come to feel it’s part of indoor cycling.

I know there are people who are exceptions to this rule, but for me, I’ve spent thousands trying to find comfort on in long indoor rides, and I no longer believe it’s possible.


So I’m currently trying out new saddles. I’m coming from an Selle Italia SLR Superflow Boost.
Currently I really like the Prologo Scratch M5 and the Power Mirror. I noticed that on the Mirror my man parts are in front of the nose of the saddle. This is not the case with any other short nosed saddle I tried, but the orhers I tried are also way narrower (135mm vs 148mm).
Again, the mirror feels good, but I’m not sure if I’m interacting with it correctly because it’s too wide?

Update on my earlier post.

So, my old saddle for a long time was the Selle Italia SLR Superflow - the long-nosed one, not the boost. I rode an S3 - seemed fine enough but had started to get a bit old and hard so moved to a Fizik Versus Evo Adaptive in, I think, the smaller 139 size. This is almost identical in size and shape to the S3 Superflow. Much more comfortable but not perfect - wings just seems to get into the creases a little bit so can get sore on longer rides. I think the issue is that the 3D printed fabric doesn’t wrap around the shell - it tucks into the top of it - so you have hard plastic at the edges of the wings.

I’ve been riding the larger L3 version of the same Superflow on my Kickr Bike and this actually feels a bit more comfortable so maybe the width suits me better, but it’s still a bit hard.

So for my new bike build I got the S-Works Romin Evo Mirror in 143mm. Seems that the S-Works sizing is a little larger than Selle Italia or Fizik so I’d guess this is a little closer to the larger sizes of those saddles. Anyway, it fits me perfectly and is super comfortable, so maybe I just needed a wider saddle with more comfortable padding, or maybe by luck it just happens to fit my sitbones perfectly.

Tried to photograph some comparisons but it doesn’t come out well trying to sit one saddle on top of the other. I’d say the Romin is a bit shorter than the S3 Superflow, the nose is about the same width and the wings are a little bit wider. It’s also much more yielding but not overly squashy. The 3D upper is extremely high quality, and FWIW the carbon weave of the shell is a thing of beauty. As one would hope for a near £400 saddle.

Hope that helps. Attaching a couple of snaps of it in real life.


This is EXACTLY what I was feeling. I was constantly sitting on the front of the Power Mirror with the nether regions, totally missing out on the cut-out and all that. So while the saddle was amazingly comfy, I was always moving back trying to sit in a better place, but then the back of my legs started hitting the wings…

Did a 5h ride yesterday on the Selle Italia SLR Superflow Boost, no bad feelings or pressure on the general areas that have been an issue with the Power Mirror.

Sure, its a bit more rigid, so I was feeling some seat bone fatigue, but since this was my first ride on the saddle outside, I’m sure ill get used to it :slight_smile: Just happy that I had no numbness or all the time had to move around on the saddle. Sat firmly in one place.

The only “issue” with the Selle Italia SLR Superflow Boost is that there is some thigh rub on the nose of the saddle, but got big hockey thighs so pretty unavoidable… On the Power Mirror I was sitting so far forward on it that I could barely see the saddle between my legs :sweat_smile:

Love the look of that saddle! Would it be possible for you to take a photo of the Selle Italia next to it?

I am mostly curious of the cutout parts, if the match or if they are in completely different places?

From an economical standpoint it kind of bothers me that I can get 5 (!) Selle Italia SLR Superflow Boost for the price of ONE Mirror saddle in Sweden…

And with 3 bikes, thats 1500 euro vs 300 euros for saddles…

I wish Specialized would do a 130 or 135mm version of the power. As it is, I’m unable to sit where I think I’m supposed to.

Regarding SLR vs Romin Mirror: I had the Romin Mirror previously and it didn’t work at all for me. A lot of numbness and my thighs rubbing on the rails a lot. After trying the Power Mirror I just came to the cknclusuon that Specialized saddles just don’t work for most riders with narrow sitbones.

The SLR was much better for me, but in the end, a wave shape doesn’t really work for me, since I don’t do well with a rise in the back. The Selle Italia Flite felt great to me, but unfortunately the cut out is not big enough and I was gettibg numbness. I have now decided to go with the Prologo Scratch M5 Pas. Have yet to do an 4h+ indoor ride on it (probably tomorrow), but so far it feels great.

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I’ll try to set them next to each other but won’t be able to do that for a few days. From memory they’re roughly in the same place but the SLR seems longer and wider - or maybe just seems it as it’s an actual cut-out whereas the Romin has some mesh in it, although it’s very soft. I’ve had no numbness from the Romin but haven’t done any rides over 1.5hrs on it. I’d say if the SLR is working for you on a five hour ride then I wouldn’t chuck it for the Romin. The difference for me was comfort on the sit bones and avoiding saddle sores. If youre doing a five hour ride and the SLR is working for you then I’d stick with it. It’s a good value saddle and the cut-out is great, which is what drew it to me years ago.

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Don’t see why, my body is never anywhere near to where the nose of a traditionally saddle is, even when on the rivet or climbing.

There is no functional difference imo, except for sidestepping the UCI rule on minimum saddle offset.

Had the Power Mirror which initially is comfortable but my perineal region would go numb after an hour. Happier with the Fizik Argo now. Good thing the Power Mirror saddles have high resale value on eBay.

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Sorry took a while to get around to this. Here’s the best photo I can manage with them side by side. I’ve tried to line up the wings as best I can. The Selle Italia is the S3 size, but I think the L3 is the same length and has the same cut-out - just wider wings. The Romin has wider wings than the S3 and is more comfortable for me. I rode 3.5 hours on it recently and it was very comfortable.


Thanks for this :smiley: Looks like the Specialized one is pretty much a Selle with a bit wider wings?

Pretty much. A bit shorter, but that has no practical impact for me. And a LOT more comfortable.

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Another 3.5+ hour ride on this thing today and it’s great. Very comfortable. I should add as a caveat though that my whole set-up is new. This was part of a new bike build. A lot of the general comfort may well come from better frame set, wider wheels and tyres, etc. But what I definitely don’t get with this saddle is that soreness and the small saddle sore cysts in the crack between arse cheek and upper thigh which I consistently got from time to time on other saddles.

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I’m replacing my old Toupe and trying to decide between the S-Works Phenom or the S-Works Romin EVO with Mirror. One thing that scares me about the Mirror is how long lasting it is. I might be able to justify the big cost if I know the 3d printing ‘cushion’ will last me many years, but I’m afraid it might all just kind of flatten out. I’d love to hear from anyone that has had a Mirror saddle for a number of years, and how it’s holding up. Thanks!

They haven’t been out that long, but I’ve had this one for quite a while and use it 3-5 times a week. You can see a bit of distortion in the shape where the material bent over time. I don’t notice it when I ride, but thought I’d share in case this would be a deal breaker for you.

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mine too. Keep meaning to talk to specialized about it. Doesn’t seem to be a problem when I ride

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I’ve only been riding my Romin mirror a couple of months, so can’t comment on its longevity. I’ve ridden my equivalent Fizik saddle much more - at least a season - and it shows no signs of wear.

However, it would seem obvious to me that this sort of structure would be expected to be less durable than a normal, smooth saddle upper. I’ve had other, normal saddles last years, but they are not as comfortable as the mirror. I would not expect to be using my Romin mirror in five years. If I am I’ll be delightfully surprised.

So it’s a question of value. If my mirror saddle was to collapse after six months, that’s not good value and I’ll be contacting Specialized for a replacement or refund. If it lasts at least two seasons of regular riding, and those rides are as comfortable as they are at the moment for me, then that’s fine for me - expensive, but worth it.

It’s a matter of personal cost/benefit analysis.