Specialized Power Mirror saddle


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@DJWarner I know exactly what you are referring to. I finally bought a power mirror when they came out with this Ti Rail version instead of carbon rails. With how much time I ride I figured it would be worth it. I also already know the Power Pressure Mapping works with my sitz bones very.

When I first got the saddle I actually wasn’t that impressed. Like with my hands it felt softer but on my rides i was like “this is good but not like OMG”. Then after 3 rides on that thing I went back to my normal power on my gravel rig… Ha, I immediately got bummed because what once was home for my sitz bones for 6hr rides, had now been out done by my mirror. I love it.

Now the negative sides, that are not really negative, but just depends on how you look at it.

  1. is what you are talking about. You cannot move fore and aft near as easy as you can on a “normal” saddle. It’s like the texture of the mirror 3d stuff grips your bibs pretty good… Like it’s not impossible to move fore/aft, but it’s not as easy as it was on previous saddles. Thus, for something like MTB I probably wouldn’t want to have this “grip” as I move around a lot on the mtb. Now there is a positive part to this. Lets say I am going stay seated in the saddle but put down a huge effort. Like bridging up to a break or something stupid like that. When I get down aero and really put down the watts in that seated aero position, I actually like that it grips my sitz bones/bibs and holds me there. It’s like it keeps me from sliding back if that makes sense. I also don’t notice any abnormal wear on my bibs.

  2. Another down side to this saddle is that once it’s dirty, there is no really cleaning it. Like if dirt and sweat get on it or inside those mirror parts it’s really hard to clean out. I have tried everything but it only kind of gets it clean. This is another reason why I could maybe see it not being used for MTB. The funny thing though is that I like this saddle so much that I think I am just going to say F’ it and get one for the mtb since I ride mostly XCM stuff.

  3. The price, but most of you that are on this forum are probably dentist or pilots or something so that’s all relative. I don’t make any kind of legit money and 325 is expensive as heck, but my rides are long so it’s worth it.

hope that helps.


Deep thoughts, by @deep

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If you go here, and search on what stores have them in stock, you might get lucky and find one close by. If not, it will tell you which stores do have stock and if you call them, they may ship. I’ve gotten several products this way. The other option is to give Spesh your email and they notify you when they have stock. They replenish stuff pretty frequently in my personal experience. S-Works Power with Mirror | Specialized.com

Can you throw it in the washing machine?

Dishwasher (no soap)?

I bought a Power Mirror in May 2021 and it has been great. Plenty of rides in the rain and bad conditions and it still looks clean. I’ve had no issues with it holding on to dirt but I haven’t ridden it in any sort of heavy mud. I wash it with a the same brush I use on my bike and I don’t see keeping it clean as an issue.

No. I would be worried about the heat in a dishwasher. But it probably would wash well in a washing machine if you can stand all the banging.

Or a bottle brush with some dish soap should do the trick.

Can’t speak for everyone, but my dishwasher uses 120-degree water and I could just open it up after that (avoid the hotter rinse) and/or turn off the heated dry.

I would probably take my chances with that rather than putting carbon rails in a washing machine to get banged around, personally. :man_shrugging:

But the small bottle brush, or a baby bottle nipple brush would probably work well, too.

Yes, Romin Mirror was eating through my Assos Bibs. Switchd to a Selle Italia SLR Superflow Boost as I wasn’t happy with the Specialized anyway.

I too have a Romin Mirror, but I haven’t noticed any wear on my shorts. Though the seat compound is definitely “grippier”, so I can see that it may cause an issue for a rider that may experience a lot of movement within the seat during their rides. Fortunately, I try to keep relatively steady and focus on getting my sit bones in the right place. I assume rider weight also has an influence. As an aside, I purchased the mirror because when I started TrainerRoad I was feeling some discomfort on rides longer than an hour. The reviews on the Mirror technology sold me and I took a plunge, and it solved my discomfort issues with longer rides. I am a long term convert.

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This most likely applies to all short/stub-nose saddles, but has anyone felt that you lose some bike control and stability with these compared to a normal saddle? For descending, cornering, riding without hands, etc. I feel a noticeable difference (in a bad way) with the Power saddle.

Not me. I love the short nose, don’t think I’d ever go back.

Definitely not for me…and I use it on all my bikes now, road and gravel.

Thank you @deep — really appreciate you sharing the pros and cons of your experience.

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