Specialized OSBB to PF30?


I am currently building a bike around the Focus Izalco Max frame (PF30 bottom bracket, carbon frame) and would like to use the carbon cranks from my Specialized Roubaix SL3 Pro (2013) if possible. The Specialized bottom bracket is OSBB and the spindle diameter is 30mm.

I’ve tried to fit the crank into the PF30, but the cups of the PF30 that protrude from the frame make it just a little too wide. So I was wondering if there was any solution to this? Some kind of adaptor special PF30 fitting?

As an aside, I’m aiming for a light build so if there is a lightest solution :blush:

Thanks in advance!

The internet tells me the difference between osbb and pf30 is a narrower shell which probably means that specialised were making the bike narrower in that region. If this is the case then your cranks simply aren’t designed to fit a standard PF30 bike it would seem.

I don’t think it’s that simple…while Specialized call it OSBB, the aluminum cups suggest it’s actually BB30

Apparently at some point they realised the plastic caps werent up to the job and replaced them with aluminium.

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That shredded carbon looks like a bigger issue than the bb

…Paint chiped, carbon not even exposed.

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