Shimano cranks for PF30, which BB?

I have a frame with a PF30 bottom bracket, and would like to fit Shimano cranks. Does anyone have experience with the Sram PF30 to BSA adapter? I could then screw in any Shimano bb, but I’m not sure how solid the adapter works in use.

Or is it better to use a specific PF30 to 24mm bb like the Ninja Token Tf24?

Any insight is appreciated.

PF30 may be one of the most creak-prone BB standards that exist. I really like something like the Wheels Manufacturing unit, as it’s similar to the Token unit, but cheaper (this may change based on where you are). I have no direct experience with the Token unit, but I know tons of people (including myself) who have used the Wheels Manufacturing piece to great, silent, effect. I have heard good things about Token as a company though.