Specialized Allez Sprint Bottom Bracket

Hi everyone!

I just bought a 2017 Specialized Allez Sprint and am having trouble finding the right bottom bracket. I bought a wheel mfg. PF30 but I had someone try to install it and was told it’s too big. I’ve attach a link to the bottom bracket I bought. My questions is of this isn’t the correct bottom bracket, what is? I have oval concepts 520 cranks.

I had a Redhook sprint Allez, and I used the wheels manufacturing ceramic speed bottom brackets like the one you attached. Not sure why it didn’t work for you. I’ve always had bad luck with bottom brackets though, but that one worked perfectly on the bike

I believe it’s bb30 not pf30. Bb30 is 42mm inner width vs 46mm for pf30.


Yup it’s a bb30 not pf30. I just did this conversion and used this:


It was definitely confusing with specialized changing what OSBB means from year to year and bike to bike