30mm crank spindle in Fuji SL Frame?

This is probably a little off-topic compared to most of this forum, but this has become my goto bike knowledge spot.
I thought I had a solid understanding of bottom bracket standards for road until today and now I’m not sure. I bought a Quarq power meter with a BB30 spindle (because the GXP was out of stock in my size). Figured all I needed to do to switch from my Shimano crankset on my 2016 Fuji SL was swap out the bottom bracket for a BB30. The Fuji SL frame should be specified for either PF30 or BB30 (either one should work in my case I believe). Anyway, I took the bike to the LBS to get them to order a new BB and swap it out. They called today and they ordered the GXP BB unfortunately, but additionally, they claimed there’s no BB30 bracket for a 30mm spindle that will work in my frame. Does that sound right? Am I missing something or are they mistaken?

Which exact model do you have? (BB varies with some of them)

Should be the 2016 SL 2.3

OK, https://archive.fujibikes.com/2016/Fuji/sl-23

Oval Concepts 520, forged 6066 arms, 52/36T

Praxis conversion bottom bracket

That is a bit ambiguous to me. Maybe someone knows what that really means?

Via Google:

If the BB shell is for 30mm, it should just be a question of pressfit or threaded. However because you say you run a shimano crankset (presumable you mean 24mm?) before, that makes me think the BB shell is smaller, so a 30mm won’t fit? Or did you have adaptors in the BB for the smaller spindle?

Ah, reading what Chad posted above, looks like it should be a shell for a 30mm spindle. Go to a different shop.

As far as I know the SL (at least my 1.1) is PF30. So it should not be a problem to get a shell for a 30mm spindle. I run mine with a conversion shell and a 24mm spindle.

frame spec says PF30.

Alright so turns out both myself and my LBS guy were both confused on different points. I showed him the frame spec and we got to talking and measuring stuff and ended up ordering one of the Wheels Manufacturing PF30 threaded brackets, which should be the right thing.
I had originally asked for BB30 (because for some reason I thought I had seen that that was what my frame shell was) so he ordered a BB30 threaded bracket for SRAM 22/24mm spindles, so double wrong for what I needed. I wondered to him if the PF30 threaded BB was right, but he was saying (initially) the inboard PF30 wouldn’t work because it was too narrow. We both eventually realized and agreed that the threaded PF30 with the normal spacers should be the right thing. So we both learned today.
Thanks for the quick input, everyone.