BBRight SRAM Dub Crankset HELP

Super upset I can not figure out what’s wrong with my install of the PF30 Dub Bottom Bracket on my Cervelo S5 with BBright standard shell. Please see photos and help. BB install was smooth, but i’ve installed crankset and totally loosened preload, used 3mm spacer on drive side as recommended (even tried 2.5mm spacer to see if it would work)… but the crank gets almost stuck… ton of resistance and hard to spin with fingers… at just 30-45nm vs. the suggested rating of 54nm on the red crankset.

Hoping someone less noob than I can help me with this… here are some photos if you can help identify where I’ve gone wrong. The photos include a 3mm spacer on the driveside.


100% sure you have used correct BB?

PF30 and BBRight uses different BB.

Correct S/N for BBRight is 00.6418.028.000.


Sorry for my earlier reply, I got BBright and BBinfinite mixed-up. Carry on.

Misalignment of the holes and they are probably too small on the frame also, its very typical on carbon frames. The OEM’s just cant get the QC down on these bikes.

This is why you see a lot of frame manufactures going back to some type of threaded bottom bracket.

How do you fix your problem, BBinfinit or Hambini. I would say go with Hambini’s bottom brackets.

Wanted to thank everyone for the replies and support. Apparently there are several PF30 Sram Dub BBs and I did not buy the correct spacing for BBright. Knocked this sucker out and have another on the way.

If anyone else stumbles on this with the same issue (with a cervelo obviously) - buy the BB with PF30 and BBright in the description. Serial # ends in .000 per danielbr’s comment above