Something has to give!

Like most of you on here, I love training, routine and structure to my life. Have had six weeks away from it though due to illness and the need for a good, long think about my priorities after over a decade of training and racing.
I listed all the things I wanted to do each week:

A long easy run.
A 5k fast run (Parkrun)
A cx or crit group session at the local track (super hard).
A long bike ride 5hrs + (including the odd bikepacking overnighter).
1-2 swims.
Some weight training.

This actually creates a half decent plan:

Mon; weights
Tues; swim am, long run pm
Wed; weights
Thurs; crit training
Friday; off
Sat; swim, bike, run (pick one or all depending on mood)
Sun; long ride.

All’s good.

THEN I thought; I’d like to include some TR structured training. So added a low volume plan and put everything into the calendar.

Gave me 800+ tss weeks.

So the moral of the story is: Can’t do everything!


Try adding in wife and kids time too! That’s at least 500 TSS a week alone.


Yep. And I work 40hrs/wk outdoors in a physical job.

Have a Google for ‘Essentialism’ - you may enjoy some reading.

Which of the activities is a 9 or 10 out of 10 for you? As you say, you can’t do everything, and ‘good’ things to do are the enemy of ‘great’ things to do, so have another look at your list and think about which are the ‘great’ things for you - which really ignite your passion, fit with what you want from sport etc, and these will be the 9 or 10 out of 10 items on your list. Chuck the rest… 8/10 just doesn’t cut it as it robs you of the time/energy/chance to do the 10/10 stuff! :wink:


I’m in a similar position.
Just more gym and no swim.
Solution is very low intensity rides. Only once a week some interval training rest of it just z1 or Z2 in 5zone model.

Completely agree with your “moral of the story”.

This is why I switched to training towards goals based on specific events. I don’t have the time to do everything that I want to do, so the event becomes the filter - I train the aspects that will help me improve most for that event.

It really helps deal with the FOMO I get when I focus on the kinds of training I should do.

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The top list are my 9/10, 10/10 aspects of exercise that I love.
Interval training on the turbo is a means to an end but seeing as my end has switched from racing to enjoying being out and about, that’s what has to give.

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