[somebody] = BEAST (KBK)

What an amazing ride by Bob!


You CAN win races with a diesel engine…

Spoiler :frowning:

Don’t forget stybar yesterday…!!

Don’t mess with the Wolfpack

Fixed it. Sorry.

That was a monster ride. He never really attacked, he just flat out dropped everyone out the back.

Crazy impressive.

King of the Jungle…? :crown::palm_tree::thinking::man_shrugging:

Conjures some old school/whentheyweregood Chili Peppers:

Yes, I too plan on doing just that. :grin:

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Thanks for the cryptic post! Saved us from a spoiler

I watched it before I saw this post. Even titles like this one is a bit of a spoiler if you read it before watching. While it’s not an out-and-out spoiler you’d be a lot more sure Jungels made it to the line if you saw this title before watching.

Maybe just “KBK Discussion” in the future.

I usually stay away from social media before I watch but now I’ll have to add the forum to the list. I added Zwift chat to that list after I caught a quick glimpse of the Omloop result yesterday.

But… On topic… Yes… Total beast. Drucker was full beast-mode as well. Could have been a different race if there wasn’t an armada of QS behind him.