🎥 How to Win with Only One Teammate

The 1-2 punch with Jonathan and I that ended up in a win! Enjoy!


Just watched this morning. Very nicely done. I don’t recall hearing or maybe I missed it - is this cat 3?

what’s your ftp looking like these days @Nate_Pearson? You looked super strong in this race

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This was cat 3 with an FTP down at sea level around 340-345 (this was back in feb).

For my current FTP I’m not sure, I have mine set to 340 at elevation but workouts feel too easy. I did switch power meters so that throws another variable in the mix.


Great video and Great teamwork! Please keep them coming!!!

@Jonathan, @Pete, @Nate_Pearson, I have a crazy suggestion for the race videos.

  • Any chance you can mirror (flip horizontal) the rear camera view in the videos?

  • The reason is that it would act more like a “rear-view mirror” like we have when driving a vehicle. The camera view placement on the screen is a perfect representation of a rear view mirror for a left-side-drive vehicle (US and other areas).

  • I get confused watching people move up or down the lines in that view and which directions turns are happening since the current videos show “correctly” as if you are watching it on its own.

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Good deal! I’m a new podcast listener and am currently going backwards through each episode. It’s neat to “tarantino” it and see how it ends before it actually begins and then reflect on the strategy and how it actually played out. Cool stuff! Keep it up!

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We do this on some of our videos…we often forget and our process isn’t dialed yet to get these videos out.

I agree with you though. It should be reversed like your car’s backup camera is.

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Awesome! I missed it on prior videos for some reason.

Glad to hear that it makes sense and has been done and planed overall. :smiley:

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This is a great tatcic, but I think it only works if you and your lead-out guy are stronger than everyone else AND it is a relatively small bunch…

Solid last minute power though! Time for cat 2 I reckon… :smile:

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If there was a team behind us it wouldn’t have worked. It probably wouldn’t have worked if there wasn’t a headwind either.

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