Racing on L39ion's Home Turf – Millikan GP P/1/2/3 (w/Commentary)

Hey all,

Here is another video from a recent race I did! I got a new computer so I’m working some funk out of the editing process, but it should still be watchable. :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy it!


So at about 2:40 when the Legion rider yelled “what are you doing” I don’t quite understand why? I can see it both ways: don’t let needless gaps open but, you’re under no real obligation to close it either. I probably would have done the same as you but, just want to understand the Legion rider. More bullying by Legion (should have seen the sh!t at VOS)? Or did he have a legit gripe just following all that grey etiquette in our sport?

Nice vid. Thx

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Pretty sure he just wanted me to do the work for him/keep the pace high enough that attacks wouldn’t go. Having attacks go is better for me, though – then L39ion has to close it down!

Probably just bullying/trying to get me to save him from doing work.

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