Lifetime Fitness Grand Prix Racing Discussion

Congratulations to Keegan and @AlexWild

Anyone watch it live?

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I missed it. Is there a replay available somewhere?

Bummed to hear about Stetina. Broken wrist.

I think it’s on FloBikes, not something I’m interested in subscribing to (and not sure it works for non-US people anyway). There were comments about the coverage being poor.

I have just followed on IG so only saw the great finishes from Keegan and Alex.

What happened in the race? Did Stetina crash?

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Yea I think someone else took him out. It’s on his IG.

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He got caught behind a big crash just shortly after the race started, and broke his wrist.

Races like these, I think I would rather watch like a 20 min recap of the important bits in both races, than watch live. Just too much dead time for me to devote several hours to it. That’s just me though.

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Yup…see my comment in the FloBikes thread…

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I’m hoping @keeganswenson wins the whole enchilada. The next race will be interesting who wins unbound since most gravelers finished the back of the pack on the mountain bike.

Morton and Howes were solid mid pack. And those dudes can rock some Unbound too.

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Went to the Lifetime Grand Prix site to check the results… Nothing. Lol wtf?

The series is a cool idea but how is there no results on the site? What’s the point?

I want to say I was surprised by the results, but I’m not, ha No one is at the level of Keegan, Finsty, or Alex right now in terms of fitness and handling a bike. It’s a long series, so will be interesting to see. Huge day by Mo, Sofia, and Alexis as well.

Also, UnBound is the marquee event for this series and owned by LifeTime and most if not all of the racers will skip it I feel as you get to drop your lowest result. Seems like a total whiff by LifeTime to get them there.

The results are somewhere, i saw them yesterday

I’m sure they are… But why wouldn’t they be right there? It’s a simple thing to do. Even if they aren’t official yet or whatever there isn’t even a link up for them.

If they wanted this to be a season long series, that people could watch and be interested in the results of each race and the overall, than that should be easily found.

Maybe I’m asking too much of a company worth millions. :man_shrugging:

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Ted king said he felt like a fish out of water and Colin Strickland isn’t a mtbr. I’m thinking Colin and Ted will gain some points at unbound. Keegan, finsty and @AlexWild are definitely animals that I wouldn’t count out at all.

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Yesterday’s course was pretty tame, but at race pace and on bikes you’re not used to, I can see the fish out of water for sure. I think Howes will get up there, kinda surprised he wasn’t.
Keegan, Alex, Finsty, Grotts, Payson (when they are back) will be up front in the gravel races too.

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I’m reasonable certain the Swenson / Villafane household is gonna see a decent bump in income this year…Keegan stands a really good chance at winning overall, while Sofia should place pretty high across all the events (still new to the gravel side of things, IIRC, so perhaps a learning curve)

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I think it’ll be a rotating podium of Mo, Sophia, and Alexis all season. Amity will probably mix it up a bit.

Ummm. If you search “sea otter classic results”. Boom, there they are. Seem pretty easy


It is. I’m not saying it’s hard to google.

I just don’t get why it’s hard to put on their own website. Wouldn’t it make more sense to bring that web traffic to the Lifetime Grand Prix site instead of each individual race?

It helps to build that season long narrative they were looking for.


Well, I guess this will be the last year of this one :cry:

It’s too bad that solo You Tubers can produce better content that the largest race organizer and its broadcast partner.