Software slower after update?

Is it just me or is the updated TR software really slow compared to the version before the update? The new TR software on my PC took about 15+minutes to load my previous workouts and the calendar. On the initial start of the software I could not even move its window to my other monitor, so I had to force a shutdown and relaunch it. The new interface design looks nice, but I would rather have an effective application instead of better aesthetics.

Many (including myself on PC) report faster app function with the new version.

I suggest contacting or posting in the Bug thread with your issue.

As Chad mentioned, the new app has been designed to have faster and more instantaneous performance than the outgoing application, and user feedback has been positive for app responsiveness.

If you could report this to our Support Team at including your:

  • Operating System
  • CPU
  • RAM

That would be very helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


It seems like the speed you are noticing is on the initial launch. The first time you boot up the app will take much longer than each subsequent use. All the workouts and plans need to be loaded into the application the first time you boot the app.

Take note of the speed after the initial launch and let me know if it’s still being excessively slow :+1:

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Mine had some issues but a reboot and silent (so to not make the computer mad) threats and things ran fast.

Updates always take forever when the workouts need to be down loaded

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Will do, thank you

I’d be willing to bet my desktop PC takes a cake for oldest, I’m still on a core2duo with 4gb ram from over a decade ago, keeps on trucking (although I’ve commandeered my wife’s MacBook Air or use my iPad for TR stuff lately)

Only because when TR updated their server my XP machine would no longer work.

The machine I use now is 3+ years old. Cheap when I got it.

Anyone else experiencing slower loading and having to repair all devices since most recent update? On macos

Hey, sorry you’re having trouble. We haven’t had any reports of this on the latest version, its best to contact so they can run you through any applicable troubleshooting to optimize performance. Cheers!

I’ll start by deleting the app and reinstalling it. If that doesn’t help I’ll give support a try.

Not exactly this, but all my devices were gone when it updated and I had to re-add them (trainer and HR meter). Not a big deal because it worked, but just another data point