Is anybody having problems opening the app today? [Resolved ✅]

I’ve been uninstalling and re-installing the app all day long, deleting TR folders, files, etc, and still can’t get the app to work. It will log in, but it will idle indefinitely and will not populate.

Works for me on Android / Galaxy S9 as well as Win 10-Pro PC with the normal load time.

Might be time to contact support.

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I just completed ride using iPad and app loaded with no issues

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No issues here, works on my Android phone and PC.


No issues in iPhone or MacBook today

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I am having issues this evening. Finished my ride earlier today and now the same apparent issues as you. I am on a Windows 10 box. Android App seems to work fine for me.

I did 2 workouts tonight on my Win PC with no issues.

I’m having the same issue on my laptop… I used to run the Beta… deleted everything and then installed the standard version… but the problem still happens…
I had to use my iPhone

I’ve got the beta version on Windows slow and whilst it very slow (on my old laptop) it opens up fine, TR also opens up fine on my Android phone.

It’s opening OK for me, but the loading seems to be slower and slower. I think to solve their unresponsive issues, they added a full UI blocking loading screen which just makes it feels even slower to load.

I know these things are easy at all and I’m sure everyone is working hard on this but it definitely has been feeling slower and slower.

Hey guys,

The first thing to do if the app is not performing optimally is to ensure that your device meets our minimum system requirements. You can find that info here: Minimum System Requirements. If your device does not meet the minimum system requirements, shoot me a DM and I can see if I can find an older version of the app that will work on your device.

Try fully restarting the computer/ mobile device if we haven’t restarted for a while - If we usually keep the computer on “Sleep” mode, let’s have you try fully shutting down and restarting the computer. This way, we’re making sure that no errors are happening due to the device being on for a long time.

Let’s have you close out of any app running in the background - To make sure TrainerRoad has enough memory so as to prevent freezes or crashes, let’s make sure all other apps running in the background are completely closed.

Uninstall and Reinstall the app - Let’s have you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. After uninstalling, you can grab a fresh version of our app from our website here [click].

Then let’s delete the app data.
You can actually delete the app data in the app now (see the screenshot below):

  • Head to Support on the left side of your screen.
  • Clear App Data on the right side of your screen.

Let me know how this goes. If you have any questions, please just shoot them my way!

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So glad this worked for you! Thanks for sharing your steps on the forum, this helps other athletes find what they need as well. :star2:

I’ll go ahead and mark this issue as ‘Resolved’ for the time being,
anyone should feel free to check in, though, if those troubleshooting steps don’t work or if issues persist.

I’m having the same issues. I ended up running TR on my Tablet this morning. I’ll try the above, and see if I can get it working.

I was informed yesterday by one of the tech support agents that there is a glitch in the latest update that needs to be fixed. You have to preschedule a workout in the calendar and delete any recurring workouts first. After this is done the app on the Mac works. Until the fix the bug, that’s what you have to do or stick with the tablet or cel phone app.

GYM iPhone

Please circle-back and let us know if those steps didn’t work for you, we’re here to help!