So TrainerRoad have been busy

You’d think a project like Adaptive Training would be big on it’s own. But in addition we’re seeing: Train Now, new android and ios apps, new Polarised Training plans, new low-med and med-high plans, potentially new reworked lower & higher volume plans (not sure about this one).

Recently we’ve had Outside Workouts, Group Workouts, Plan Builder and better PowerMatch (aside:which we now know used ML to hone). And in the not too distant past there was the Calendar, and the new ramp test.

We’ve also had two new podcasts: Successful Athletes, as well as the new Science of Getting Faster. And we got Amber.

Anybody else feeling spoilt?

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Which is fine and all but I expect more for my money.

Think it is under charged or the product we are given.


You been gone for a while?

I imagine my bike thinks a similar thing when I’m out riding… :pensive:


Yeah sorry… but they may have been busy, but none if it is released still (except for the Azure glitch). So from my perspective, not much has changed so far. Only promises.

Don’t get me wrong, I am fan of TR. And I am actually satisfied with the plans… they still make me faster and a better rider, still.

But promises won’t get me faster. I can’t use AT or the new plans currently. They are not released (or did I miss something?)

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New Android update yesterday, which includes the full calendar access and “Train now” from my limited playing with it this morning?

Don’t have train now on iOS, already had full calendar access on iOS.

But I am talking about the big features: AT and new training plans (inc. polarized).

The polarized training plans are currently available to everyone. You need only enable them under early access in the account/settings tab.


That’s because it is in beta. Polarized plans are already out.

Thanks about polarized! Wasn’t aware, sorry!


None of that seems to matter since we’ve still got people who are more interested in complaining than training.


Train Now has been on the beta app for 3 weeks now I think.


Yeah, Beta, going through testing and is now available as standard.

When AT goes live for all users, it will be still be new to all users!

Did you not base your purchasing decision on what was available at the time? Was it not good enough then?

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What is this dark magic? Reasoning? BURN THE WITCH!


Hi guys, I was one of the first to sign up to try out the beta edition of adaptive training, unfortunately no response so far. I understand the random list but I also think that there is a privileged path for some who may have the opportunity to better test your news. I ask you, when will it be possible for us poor mortals to try adaptive training?

Thanks for your patience, we’re adding athletes to Adaptive Training closed beta testing daily! This helps us get closer and closer to isolating any issues that athletes encounter and help us fix them in a more timely manner, so you can see how setting a finite timeline for adding all of our athletes may result in not meeting it, and creating disappointment if there are more issues than we expected.
The good news is that we are releasing elements of Adaptive Training out little by little for everyone! Features like TrainNow for example are based upon your progressions and existing ride data.

Hold tight! :v: