So close to getting all Zwift Route Badges

I had the most Zwift experience going for the PRL Full badge: was cancelling my membership, and it showed it would expire on October 5. I decide to go for the PRL Full badge on the last day - October 4. Do 2 hours before work, an hour over lunch, and the rest after work. With about an hour left to go in the ride and several hours before midnight, get the full-screen “YOUR MEMBERSHIP HAS EXPIRED” message, and I could “PAY NOW”, or “NOT NOW”. I grudgingly pay up even though it’s not yet October 5 (in my timezone), which kicks you out to a web browser, then alt-tab back into Zwift which is still showing the same screen. Click PAY NOW again, kicks you out to a browser which shows I’m subscribed. Only choice to go on is to click NOT NOW. Well, this seems to set the flag on their end where your drops stop accumulating and the ride no longer counts. I rode the final hour, did the mileage and the course and of course didn’t get the route badge, the imperial century badge or the 30+ ride-on badge.

Very Zwift.

I have a few route badges left and knock out at least one per day, and will be cancelling after this month.


You know you did it, well done.

Zwift is the fling on the side. You know you should give it up, costs you money, ruins your energy levels for the real thing, a total distraction of eye candy, but totally lacking in substance.

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Whew. Finished the PRL Full, the only route badge I had remaining, this morning. I’ve had my internet go out on a number of the longer routes just as I was saving and closing the app. Ended up having to redo a number of them to get the credit. Fortunately, no problems today. I honestly don’t know that I would have re-ridden the PRL Full had it happened today. It was pretty monotonous riding the same lap over and over.


Nice job!!

Ya PRL full is so monotonous… dunno why there isn’t an London Uber pretzel that hits all the Surrey hills instead of just doing the same lap over and over again. Congrats though!


Would be nice if they changed it now, but the reason for the bland course rolls back to the limited roads they had when London was originally introduced. It only featured Box and Fox hills, with none of the extra stuff we have now.


Ya that makes sense… maybe they’ll make some new routes and badges for those of us that like that sort of thing. Probably after they fix cheating/sandbagging and the UI :rofl:

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The route is supposed to mimic the final part of the road race course for the 2012 Olympics in London. The riders hit that climb 6 times or something like that, hence the number of repeats.


I think it’d be really cool to ride in England, including around London, IRL. But I don’t think they did that great a job on that world in Zwift, I feel the same about NYC.

For example, the way they introduced France where they took a few different places and made something out of them is an improvement imho. Take advantage of being in a video game world (maybe not with glass sky highways…) and do some things you just can’t do in the real world. Ride around London and then out along the coast somewhere, or in NYC try leaving the park for a start. I’ll admit I loathe the New York world most of all.

New York is my least favourite too… still got 5 routes to finish there, including the one with the massive lead-in.


Same. I never ride Richmond or NYC at all now, but I should do Richmond… it’s not bad. London is “meh” but I like the Surrey Hills. France is OK with Paris being kinda cool and good for racing. My favorite “real” world is Innsbruck by far.


Agreed, New York is the least interesting. I got all the badges there by doing TR workouts at the same time so I’m more focused on the workout then what’s happening on Zwift.


My goal until December will also be completing all the route badges, but I have like 25 badges to go and the PRL Full, Mega and Über Pretzel are still in there.
Your story about the PRL Full frightens me :sweat:
I did the PRL Half last week, so „only“ 4 loops, instead of 11 (!!!) in the full version, and it took me almost 2 hours. Damn, really don‘t want this to crash. I‘ll leave that beast for last, and do Mega Pretzel tomorrow and Four Horseman next week, so I don‘t have so many big ones ahead of me anymore…


One down, three to go.


I’ve got the two Paris courses and the PRL Full to finish and then I’ve ridden them all. Paris will be easy, but the PRL is going to take a tad longer.


Yep, that is the big one! For the half version took me 25 to 27 min per lap (Z2 flat, Z3 climb). If I were to hold the same power. That‘s 5 hours (considering you have quite a bit to ride after the final lap). Probably going to take me half an hour longer or so…

If I were to “do” the PRL Full again, I’d just get a battery pack for my iPhone, pair my power meter, and go on a long ride outside instead. It was that boring.


I personally think the Uber-Pretzel is WAY harder than PRL Full…if you can knock out the Uber, you can finish off PRL easy.

Uber was around 50 minutes shorter than the PRL full at roughly the same power for me and has the benefit of more variety. The long climb at the end isn’t fun, but unless you have your trainer difficulty at 100%, it’s not that bad IMO


Just from the route, I can‘t even imagine it being that much harder than the Mega Pretzel. It is „only“ 20ks longer, has more flat sections, a little less of the slow dirt roads and then „just“ has the big boy climb at the end. If it weren’t for the Alpe, it would be actually quite a bit easier/ quicker than the Mega Pretzel…
That hour of suffering at the end isn’t easy, but hey! That‘s part of achievement.