So close to getting all Zwift Route Badges

I am a true fashsionista…I try to match my bike to my kit, depending on the day. :crazy_face:

Think it still takes the same amount of climbing…just depends how much climbing you want to do. I will admit to hacking the system though…before I joined TR and I was using Zwift workouts, I would always select a route with the Alpe in it…workout was the same (watts is watts), but you didn’t “feel” like you were climbing.


I am just repeating Road to Sky with all my recovery week workouts. I’ll probably finish early next week.

I’ve been working on it since January, but not focused only on climbing until about a week ago.


I’m going dual color orange/yellow to start to match the yellow socks and accents on my current kit, then I’ll mess around with it.


Big fan of the dual-color options!!!

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On the plus side, Quatch Quest appears to be fixed. Got credit for it today (the third time I’ve done it). 2500 Tron meters to go.




How about a reward for completing every Trainerroad workout?

Prize could be a yeti TR mug :wink:


Congrats on the Tron bike!!

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Good grief, have you looked through that whole catalog? I’ve started looking at stuff longer than 2:30 recently for a few reasons, and there are workouts out there that were done by like one dude six months ago! :laughing:

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Speaking of Zwift badges and TR workouts, I’m thinking about going for the 25 Volcano Laps next Sunday (17 May) 0500-0800 EST (need to be done before church), combining it with a normally-scheduled sweet spot workout. Juneau -2 is on the calendar but I think I’ll do Whiteside +3 since all sweet spot intervals are at 88% instead of ramping up then down in intensity, but adding intervals until done. No meet up. No “keep everyone together.” Just laps. Would be happy if anyone else wanted to come along for a few laps.

I would, but that’s way too early for my west-coast blood. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the main reason to do this. You can level up 2x as fast if you are always riding for a route badge.


I could be wrong about the specific example, but just for clarification, these route badges can only be completed 1 time so you only get the extra XP once. I know there are other achievements for the volcano and such, but that is different than route badges.

Thanks for sharing that. It gets annoying going on to Z after rides to remember which routes I’ve done and not done… problem solved!

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I’ve been on it now for four straight months, plus a couple of months last year, so six total… still not used to all the ins and outs, and planning my routes (including knowing which worlds are coming up) is the biggest annoyance, so that’s fixed now! Thanks!

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Yup…7.3% faster in metric. Just found that out today and switched. Wish I knew that earlier now that I am at Level 42!! :crazy_face:

Hoping to get to 50 before they add more levels…dunno if I’ll make it.

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I found out the other day as well. I’m 47, was on 46 since … I don’t know a few weeks after they introduced level 50. :slight_smile: but even if you hit 50, you’d want to get as much xp as possible. 46 was where my “fast forward” stopped after they introduced level 50. So, definitely get that up for the higher levels they introduce in the future. After seeing how slow the xp bar moved, motivation went out the window.

Now that there’s the badges thing, I managed to hit 47, woo, and I just barely scratched the route badges. Bonus there.

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Here is the checklist I have been using compliments of ZwiftInsider: Zwift Routes by Difficulty

Print it out. Mark the completions as you go. It is addictive :joy:

Obviously a list made by someone who doesn’t use erg mode to control the trainer during those routes! :smile: Quatch Quest was a fasted 2:30 ride at 65% of FTP last weekend… thanks, coach Chad!


Hey Clasher,

Thanks for the shout out for and I’m glad that you find it useful!

That is my little creation and - fun fact - it’s all Nate’s ‘fault’ that it exists. I decided to pursue a career change at the beginning of this year (from the financial&real estate analyst towards becoming a software/web developer). Since back then Nate mentioned in every TrainerRoad - Ask A Cycling Coach episode that they are looking for several react.js developers, I thought that this programming language might be a good starting point and looked for a fun project to learn and practice. So I began learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS (Hooks + Context for state management), Material-UI for the Front-End and for the Back-End Google Firebase (Cloud Firestore (NoSQL database), Authentication, Hosting), Cloudinary (Image CDN). I also did some analysis and research of the data I found surrounding Zwift and created some graphics and a couple of months later ZwiftHub was out there ;).

The whole project was more like a ‘training’ for me as a first web app and a proof of concept/case study for future job applications. But since it has several thousand visitors daily now I decided to maintain and update it. :wink:

Unfortunately, by now there are no more job openings for React Developers at Trainerroad… I just wait for the next opportunity to apply and keep working on my skillset in the meantime! :wink: