So close to getting all Zwift Route Badges

Nice job, Toby, very helpful. I just hit one snag, and I think it may be a “Zwift-ism.” I joined a meetup for Everything Bagel. To get the badge, I had to do about 45km. I’m not sure if the meetup puts it in a different orientation, or has a bigger lead in.

Other than that, when I do the courses myself, they’ve been very useful. It’s so much better than trying to scroll badges on an AppleTV. OMG, what a nightmare that is.

I also think, in one of the other threads @Nate_Pearson was asking for someone to do some “free” work (i.e., college student project). You might want to follow up with him directly, and see if you can get your foot in the door that way.

I’d link the thread, but I can’t remember where I saw it.

It’s a Zwift ‘feature’ ;). Meet-ups sometimes have different starting points than the normal route - hence the lead-in distance might be more (or less). Please don’t ask me why…

Thanks for the note. I will try to find the thread and see what Nate is after.

Your site is sweet man. Well done - both on the site and on taking the leap!

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There are a couple routes out there that are broken sometimes: Quatch Quest is one, and I’m pretty sure everything bagel is another. I rode a bunch extra to get that one (not the lead-in, like a whole extra lap!)


Yep, I had to do an extra lap. I looked at the meetup, and it basically went “the wrong way” and then came back around in the “right way.” That explains crossing the finish 2x.

Well, at least it’s not the PRL Full.

Great site. I was tracking badges by spreadsheet until I found zwifthub. Very nicely presented and does everything I really wanted/needed.

I had to do that QQ three times. :sob:


That sucks because even though QQ is a fairly short course in distance, it is a mf’er to actually do. A LOT of climbing in a short distance!!!


Thanks! I’m glad that people enjoy it and that I can add value to their experience. It’s still all work in progress but really fun and educating for me. I have a couple of more ideas for further improvements. Finding the time for it is at the moment the hard part :slight_smile:

Anyone interested in joining me on Sunday for the PRL Full?

First lap will be easy and the remaining 10 will be in the 3-3.5w/kg range, around 200-240w.

If you run TR and Zwift at the same time, I’d recommend one of the following:

Probably thinking of starting around 7am PST and will prob take around 5 hours give or take

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107 miles and 8200 ft of elevation at 3-3.5 w/kg :). I’d love the company but i’m thinking more 2-2.5 :). Actually doing the Uber on Saturday, last two.

My condolences… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think Uber is the hardest course out there, honestly. Having to finish on the Alpe is a mofo. Good luck and remember to pace yourself!

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I’m interested in a lap or two :sweat_smile: A. I definitely cannot hang on at that w/kg B. I don’t have a lot of time to ride. But I’m interested to at least ride the route and see what it’s like so I can get an idea on how long it would take a slowbee like me to finish!

Oh no, did you do the uber after the “update” patch came through and not get credit for it too??? I did it on Sunday as well, and as soon as I crested Alpe, I figured here we go, then nothing. I thought, maybe I have to ride around the circle at the top and go through backwards…nothing. Turns out lots of folks have been having issues getting badges and customer support can’t add it in manually.

I’m debating some extreme height/weight doping once this get it resolved and smash out my (rightfully earned already) badge with maybe only a 3 hr effort. So mad at Zwift right now…And so grateful to TR.


I ended up having to skip it because I’m in Portland, OR and with the wildfire smoke I didn’t want to risk huffing and puffing for 5 hours in my garage. I’m glad i didn’t push through it now, I couldn’t imagine doing that whole thing and then getting stuck with a big goose-egg. Hopefully they fix that soon. I wonder if it’s broken on PRL Full as well? I would support you “cheating” that one :).

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Apparently it’s just Uber Pretzel and Four Hoursemen and the bug is with the Radio Tower checkpoint. There’s some epic log sleuthing happening over on their forums. I’m keeping clear of those two until they’re confirmed working again! :slight_smile:


But then we’d all get to see a grown man cry on live stream :smile:


Glad I got 4H done last weekend!! (And got credit)

Oh man…finishing and not getting credit for the Uber would have me cancelling my subscription! :rofl::rofl::flushed:

Seriously, tha sucks. I hope they can figure out a way to give you credit for finishing it.

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Change your miles to km’s, and your accumulate more xp.