Chamois widths in shorts

I have noticed recently with more riding on the trainer that the chamois in my shorts isn’t wide enough. I was starting to get uncomfortable and realised that the edge of the chamois was in contact with my backside and the saddle causing some pressure sores.

I thought maybe it was just that pair of shorts but tested out the others I own and its the same, I have a Fizik Antares saddle and find it comfortable outside.

Are there any brands of shorts with a wider Fizik Antares Chamois?

I know endura do some bib shorts with varying widths of chamois.


Same problem with the same saddle. It seems to be right on the seam of the chamois.

I changed saddle back to a flat saddle and it is better, but I still can’t get rid of the sore.

The Antares is fine on the road

What bibs are you currently using?

I have a few, ASSOS, my team ones, DHB

Hey Mike, its steve!

As has been said endura do different width chamois in their skinsuits at least, but I have the opposite problem I find most are too wide and end up rubbing my legs. I have to go down to an XS sometimes (in LeCol and rapha S/suits) but Ive also found out that narrow saddles can also cause problems.

Ive recently got rid of all my specialized saddles and gone with Shimano stealth pros which are much wider at the front, much more comfortable and ive never had a problem with.

Point being problem may be with the saddle rather than the shorts…

Travers Bikes as in Essex UK?

The higher end Decathlon bibs have wide pads that fold around saddle edges, as in fact do Planet-X bibs.
The Antares is quite narrow on the nose, after years of narrow saddles (fine on road but not so on trainer) I seem to have had some luck with a Specialized Power Arc in a 143.

As the bike doesn’t move around as much on a trainer, and neither will you, you might benefit from a different saddle shape. Normally I would offer you a big box of various saddles to try (assuming you are Essex) but at moment with lockdown not so simple.

I use Pactimo for all of my kit, never had any issues on the trainer and they do a few different ranges of chamois and amount of compression.


If you’re interested in giving them a try that link is a “refer a friend” from my account which should give you 20% off your first order.

The Travers Bikes from Essex!

I’m in Bwood, have marshalled for G on MSG a couple of times. If in future when this is over you want to try some other saddles let me know.

Likewise I can measure up the Decathlon pads and compare against an Antares or even other brands of short if that helps?

I had the same issue. I use the wide Bontrager Montrose saddle and Endura Pro sl bib shorts in wide are awesome.

Its not the saddle as I have tried some of the other ones I have sitting around and I have the same issue, it must be my wide backside/hips and the contact area being wide compared to the chamois

FWIW…I use shorts rather than bibs, but this may still apply. While having this issue on the trainer some years back I discovered that I was pulling my shorts up way more in the back than in the front. The result was the wider part of the chamois ended up further back than needed to effectively catch my sit bones when in the saddle. Sit bones where slipping off the front edge. Once noticed, the problem was eliminated by insuring a better front to back balance when pulling the shorts on. Problem instantly eliminated never to return.

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I’ve had the same problem, except with bibs. Perfect fit is difficult because I have long legs/short torso…so bibs that fit the bottom half tend to have suspenders which are a tad too big. Then I start to habitually yank on the straps to “tighten” them which causes the shammy to eventually shimmy back. Not bad outside but if I’m doing a 2hr trainer ride, the 2nd hour is usually full of shammy fidgeting. But yeah, wider shams would be great.

I’ve tried to take a photo of the various pads in shorts I have but with them being different shapes (pads and shorts) it doesn’t show much.

Widest pad (and thickest) is the Planet-X Pro Line 3D. This pad has a relief channel built into it and I I have found it is very comfy on a saddle. What I don’t like so much is that the pad is wider than just contact points and the material extends past the pad. These are currently £29.99 with a 3 for 2 offer, so hardly a huge expense if you wanted to try them - I actually prefer these on my MTB than for road. On these the straps and thigh diameter are both generous, definitely not an Italian fit but one for those who appreciate some extra give.

The next widest I have is Endura shorter with standard width pad (700 series in an SL short). This is the one I get on best with on the trainer, primarily as the pad narrows up front. That said the pad is quite thin and I have found very heavy wear stretches the material of the shorts (I am talking hundreds of uses, pad has thinned a little but still ok but material around top of thighs is looser and need a little chammy cream for comfort). Straps are short and the Pro-SL range are a fair race fit, not super small but maybe true to size without any excess material.

After that the next widest is the Decathlon B’Twin/Rockrider shorts (700 or 900 series, they at least used to have the same pad, have to check latest Van Rysel kit - imagine it is identical). The pad in these is actually really wide near the back, so might be one to try for you. The pad is thick and like the Planet X one the material goes beyond the pad. For me I am not a huge fan with my road bike position but on the MTB they are great. Fair bit of give in fabric, not a fan of the straps as they set very wide, on a base layer they can move. On skin I forget them and they are ok,

Castelli (Free Aero and the one down) - these pads seem narrowest and but when I was lighter were the most comfortable, best positioned and closest fitting. When I put on weight they became to close fitting everywhere and not quite able to get on without risking being cut in half. When I was 72kg the mediums were a perfect fit - I have fairly narrow hips, only slight issue was straps were slightly tight, on the bike no issue at all though.

Thanks for the info

…yea, been there done that with bibs. Bib straps are always too long for me. It became enough of a hassle I just picked up couple sets of wide Carharrt suspenders and got on with life. They are infinitely adjustable so I can cinch them up as snug as I want. Depending on the manufacturer, the best suspender length is different from one pair of shorts to another. The clamps can be hard on the waist band of shorts, but I’ve never had that issue be bad enough to have to replace shorts. Admittedly a very low “coolness” factor, but functionality trumps cool every time.

It’s a +10 in the gravel world.

I bought some of the Planet X shorts Pro Line 3D and wow they made a massive difference! I went from being quite uncomfortable after an hour to doing a 6.5hr ride on Zwift the next day with no issues. Its amazing how different our bodies are and how such a small change can make all the difference!

Any chance you could take a pic of the chamois and a measurement? I need a wider chamois and these might be worth a shot. Thank you!!!