Skinny and tall clothing!

I’m struggling with a somewhat unique issue. I’m 6,1 and 125lbs. Super skinny but tall. My issue is that I would be a small or sometimes xs in bib-shorts but it leaves the bib straps pulling relatively tight and the leg grippers ending at the middle of my thighs or before. I have a pair of Assos bibs that I like but the leg grippers still only reach half my thigh. Am I just destined to live a life of only skinsuits or is there someone out there who can help find me some well-fitting bibs and jerseys?


I have some Sportful bib shorts that are longer in the leg

I’m 6’ and 135lb. I have Velocio signature bibs in both XS and S. The length on the Small is good (actually longer than I would prefer). The XS are quite tight, but not uncomfortable.

For normal clothes - Uni Qlo !

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My saviour(hopefully)

Hill Killer has tall sizes for women and men, and if they don’t have anything in stock you can order it.

Do you have a Velocio jersey and if so, how does it fit. I’m having customer service issues with Rapha so I may be switching brands. In Rapha, I have to buy Men’s jerseys for length and shoulder seam width. Frustrating because I’m unable to buy Women’s bundles (discounted).

Yep, I have a few. XS is a great tight fit. I have one in Small and it’s a bit loose and flappy so I usually don’t wear it. I’ve heard Velocio customer service is top-notch (also heard that about Rapha), but have never had to use it.

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For anyone who stumbles upon this thread… I’m 5’11" and 142-145 lbs. Velocio’s Radiator Mesh in Medium is a great fit. Jersey goes well past my belly button, neckline is low and collar is thin. Sleeves are tight on my skinny arms. Also, Velocio’s jerseys do not have cap sleeve seams, so broad shoulders don’t stand out.

Velocio’s FAQ section describes the cut of each Jersey.


Body paint’s always an option.

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And tar and feathers a for a thermal option? :rofl:

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Bib shorts for spider people…