Giordana FR-C pro bib sizing

Hey team!

Looking to try out Giordana bibs. I’m tall (195cm) and slim (74kg). I usually wear a Small, long leg in Rapha pro team, a medium in MAAP. Anyone have sizing recommendations? Their size calculator recommends a Medium.

I’m 195cm / 78-82kg and wear Medium in all Giordana bibs including FRC. Fit is great - including length.

I also wear medium in rapha pro team but gave up on them as they don’t last well for me, while Giordana have been phenomenal.

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Thanks @RonG! Sounds like medium is the go. I totally agree on Rapha not lasting very long. It’s a shame as it’s hard to get something to suit the tall+skinny shape.

I am 190/70kg and I wear medium in FRC as well. I have tried all of the Giordana bibs and perfer the large leg grippers on the FRC over the higher up model, great choice.

Medium was the correct size - thanks! Fit seems good, chamois placement is also excellent. Time will tell on durability.

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5’10”/177cm and 155lbs/70kg. Just tried on small and medium for our team kits. Ended up ordering the smalls.