Longer inseam Bibs?

Seems like most bibs are anywhere from 10.5-11”. I’m 6’3 and most of these are shorter than my taste. The black bibs offers a longer inseam (12.5)which is great but it’s too baggy for me where it ends up on my leg.

Anyone aware of any bibs you would recommend that are a little longer then normal?

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Rapha and Pactimo and Endura have long version bibs for tall people with longer inseam. Also aerotech designs as well. Good luck!

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I’m 6’5 with very long femurs and Rapha Cores in a large fit longer than most and at least look normal on me. Assos are generally short, in comparison.

I have a nopinz aero suit in a large/tall and it is spectacularly long. Covers my whole quad right up to my knee. Very pro. I just ordered their bibs in a large/tall, and based on the pictures I anticipate them being about the same and if so I’ll probably order a few more pairs.

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36” inseam and I’ve been very happy with the long Pactimo’s.

Assos has limited styles in standard and long inseam as well.

6’4" and I’m good with Pactimo’s standard size, but they do have a line or 2 with longer legs