Six days in The Dolomites (600km / 16,000m) - plan suggestion?

In September I’m heading to Italy for six back-to-back days in The Dolomites. It’s a social trip, no racing, but obviously I want to make sure I can handle the challenge.

I’m currently on the Gran Fondo plan (low volume) ahead of the Fred Whitton sportive in May. Once that’s out the way, what plan would anyone recommend I switch to? I’ll have 19 weeks between events. Daily breakdown of six days below.

Day 1 - 40km : Elevation 900m
Day 2 - 108km : Elevation 3000m
Day 3 - 90km : Elevation 2600m
Day 4 - 122km : Elevation 3500m
Day 5 - 70km : Elevation 1950m
Day 6 - 130km : Elevation 4100m

In general I would just let plan builder do its magic after having added your event(s) to the calendar. Remember you can set an event up to be a multi day event which would suit your needs perfectly :slight_smile:

But if you are more into designingen you own plans I would go with a “it depends” :slight_smile:
If you expect to go steady up each climb and pace it according to your own abilities then I would go for a plan with a loft of steady efforts - which could be Sweetspot base, General power build and Climbing Road race for speciality.

But if you expect there will be a “race” approach with attacks on the climbs etc. then maybe tweak it a little towards a build/speciality with a little more focus on the VO2 max efforts to help you counter the attacks etc.