Maratona dles Dolomotes

I am doing the Maratona in July, a brut of an event taking on 4230m (14,000 feet) in just 138km (86 miles).

I have done the L’etape and other long/climby granfondo and regularly race long distance gravel events.

I am trying to decide whether I should use the Plan Builder (update my existing SBT plan) or go with the 40kTT specialty plan.

Welcome thoughts and advice!

First of all, it’s an amazing event, the riding and Dolomties in general are phenomenal :smiley:

I’ve done it multiple times and used both approaches, my gut feeling is both with serve you well, I posted my fastest time off a plan builder plan but equally I had a faster friend to ride with and that dragged more out of me.

Sounds like you’ve got a good history of similar events, what’ve you done for previous events? Has that felt like you need to change it up?

I’m doing it for the first time this year and am using a plan builder plan to get me as fit as possible. It will be unlike anything I’ve done before so we’ll see how it goes.

We should compare notes after and see what the biggest gaps were in our preparation.