Single hardest 2 hour workout in the inventory

What do you feel is the single hardest 2 hour workout in the TrainerRoad inventory?

Blood +3

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Blood +3 is 2.5 hours. But according to the numbers, the toughest 2-hour is… Blood +2.

I think an acceptable alternative would be Powell, followed by a half hour of crying in a corner.


Blood any variant has me checking my man card every so often :skull_and_crossbones:


I believe the protocol I created (from a lab test) whoops Blood’s butt:

267 TSS
1.16 IF

(It appears a lot of my creations are in the top of hardest 2hr list! Sorry!! :rofl:)



That’s just plain sick right there. WTH😂


The FTP line is just laughing at you :rofl:

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Ya well…all I gotta say is the average men & women in the lab test completed 100% of the workouts. So…it’s totally doable.

!!! :boom: CHALLENGE :boom: !!!

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can you link the original study for this protocol?

here you go:


How do I do this workout ? It’s not letting me load it

I may not be so high on TSS but Disaster Day -2 but uses a range of systems which the rider may not be used to using all at once.

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Um, yeah…apparently I need to create a Team account or something like that to access Custom/Workout Creator workouts.

It is similar (but much harder) to Striped +2.

Good luck!

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Jesus, just looked at that :sweat_smile:

I laughed out loud when I read the crying in a corner part.

You’re welcome… :wink:
I made the -2 version as a 1/2 size training workout for the big dawg from the real coach Chad.

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