SILCA's New Aero Racing Sock

For those who bought these, how are they holding up - pun intended - as socks? Forget the cost, would you buy these as socks? Any comparisons to other socks (not aero, just cycling socks).

They are good socks. Used them in a race yesterday and they stayed up.

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Worn them a few times on the bike…aero claims aside, they are great socks. Soft feel, very comfortable, right height (not too high, not too low).

Would I pay $30 for multiple pairs? Nope…no chance. But as a one-off, they have been very good.

@stevemz and @Power13 - thanks. I’ve been thinking of getting one pair for “races” (sportives, etc.) (more of a placebo probably than anything), but no reason for me if they don’t meet the “good sock” barrier


I use the rationale “I’ve dropped $30 on dumber stuff”…:rofl::rofl:


I’d get a set if they had maybe some plain black or white.

I have worn them on several races. They are really comfortable and do not fall down. I wash them using a quick 15 minute gentle cycle in my washing machine and line dry them and so far I haven’t seen any issues with their durability.

I normally wear Swiftwick socks, which I really like, but the Silca are really much better socks. I might buy another pair or 2 next season.


FWIW, I was listening to Josh’s podcast last night, and he mentioned that one of the pro teams he works with tried adhesive spray with regular aero socks, and the riders hated it.

Thanks. Especially the swiftwick comparison, as I have some of those and like them. So if the Silca are nicer socks, that is a big :+1:t2:

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I don’t like the feel of the socks calf portion. I’m used to softer cotton/wool socks. It definitely has the stiffer artificial feel to it. I only have one other set of socks that feels like this, that’s a few pairs of Stoic poly socks.

That aside, the foot portion feels good, soft, then it transitions to this stiffer and thicker calf portion. It only bugs me when I put it on, but it’s supposed to serve a purpose, I guess. I doubt I would notice anything.

Probably not worth it, in general, but fine for a race day sock, if only for the mental part of it.

Has anyone done any home aero testing with it yet?

I was recommended and have tried Tuffner Pre-tape. Used by dancers and physios on sweaty people. :slight_smile: It was better than no spray. Turns out it was easy to remove. However the oversocks that fell down after 10 mins stayed up for around 25. I think the issue was that the versions I had were too large for me, and I am looking for a smaller, tighter pair.

Worth a try.

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Can anyone really effectively home test 3 or 5 watts?

For those that have falling down socks, you should think about kineseo tape. Do like the Danes but tape up your aero socks and then keep the tape going up your shin for another couple watts. You’ll look really cool on the group ride or in your next race. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

  • I highly doubt it. People might be able to get “results”, but I would question them for at least a couple of reasons.

I have a pair. They felt fast. That’s likely just perception of the placebo effect but as someone said, I have made worse investments in cycling kit and gear.

On the other hand - I think there are a handful of individuals that can. If someone claims to be able to I’d expect a long boring answer when asking about their protocols…

Is it possible to get them in Europe?