Skin Suits from Ali Express, anyone bothered?

Curiously; has anyone got a el-cheap-o skinsuit from Ali Express? If you have was it any good?

Cheers & Thanks

I’ve bought a few pairs of these bibs from Aliexpress bibs
And I’ve been impressed with them, perfect for riding indoors on the trainer, and can buy multiple pairs at the price.
I haven’t tried the skinsuit you linked, and probably wouldn’t recommend it - the copy/fake cycling stuff is normally a low quality lycra and poor chamois. I normally search by units sold, and only buy if there’s multiple good reviews with photos.
Of course, for the price that they are being sold for, nothing wrong with buying one to find out.

Bought various cheap bib shorts and jerseys from ali express and always been pleased. Not amazing quality but for money are superb and fine for every day stuff and rides of 1-2 hours. Use them mainly for TR trainer rides. Never tries any of the skinsuits though

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I haven’t bought bibs from Ali but recently got these. Exact replica of Rule 28 socks, or could be orginals. Against “real” ones there is no difference, even down the stitching

aero socks

LOL I literally just bought two pairs of those and saw the skinsuits while I was there, hence this thread!

The real question is: did the socks make you a faster cyclist? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes they do. A few seconds gained, is still a few seconds gained. Also like 85% cheaper :slight_smile:

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