SILCA's New Aero Racing Sock

It’s sort of poetic though.

The bit that is missing though is if they tested other normal socks to see if they were fast too.

I guess you have to standardise for %age of leg covered by material - and I guess a good place is at the UCI rule. Having some of the fancy lycra socks you do have a lot of stretch in them so I don’t think it would have made a big impact. This was done at the Silverstone wind tunnel and I’m pretty sure they would have designed a good experiment.

I don’t know if the Silca sock is faster, but it is very comfortable. Just did a lunch time sprint workout…still go the socks on as I’m toolin’ around the office.

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Are you faster when walking to the coffee maker? :face_with_monocle:

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Emptied sock drawer and here is what I have for testing from left to right:

  • May is Bike Month blue/grey sock
  • May is Bike Month blue/green sock
  • Classic Rock ‘Turn that Shit Up!’ sock that niece gave me for Xmas
  • Beer sock that my sister-in-law gave me for Xmas
  • Pearl Izumi pink sock to go with my Cycling Donut Warriors jersey
  • random grey biz casual sock with ribbing
  • random blue biz casual sock with ribbing
  • black Gold Toe biz casual sock with ribbing

Now I just need a repeatable field test…


Agreed on all points!!

I wait in eager anticipation.


Same, and then I’ll set odds and accept wagers on the Classic Rock ‘Turn That Shit Up!’ socks taking the win :metal:


I ordered two pairs and they showed up today. They look and feel like regular socks.

The Velotec aero socks I have always fall down, but these seem like they will actually stay up.

I don’t really see any reason for why they would be aero, but :man_shrugging:

Nice socks though.

How dare you! The sock has been that dude’s life work.

You can’t see aero.

(laughing emoji)

Obviously :laughing:

But when comparing it to the other aero kit that I have, there are obvious features in the other stuff. As much as I don’t like the velotec socks, they have the same waffling as the skinsuit.

Now that I’m looking at it though, there is a slight bulge from the pink chevrons around the side of the calf. Very tough to see from the photo but perhaps that is the secret sauce

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I get it…Just using your post to post the counter. You can’t see drag either. You can feel it but, not 5W+/-. It wouldn’t surprise me if these socks increase drag for many riders. The marketing on this stuff annoys me for some reason.

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Josh has nice products but he could sell ice to eskimos. No offense to any Eskimo’s who may be reading.

Did you watch the video? That is what he claims at around 4:45.

I had not watched the video. Very interesting. Thanks for pointing that out.

Screw chevrons man!!!

Dots are where it’s at yo!!!

(Sorry y’all, couldn’t resist continuing the aero sock thread)

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Sorry to revive this with a semi-relevant question, but does anyone have a recommendation for an adhesive spray? Coming up short in my searches. At a pinch I assume a few strips of double sided tape would work?

A few mentions in this related thread:

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