Thicker Aero Socks

Does anyone have a tip for high aero-socks (plain white) that are not as thin as most models out there? I am especially talking about the region of the upper part of the foot as my feet are low volume. Not talking about a thickness like real winter socks have, but a bit thicker than those really airy summer socks.

Anyone got a tip?

Since I had chemo a few years back although nearly everything is back to normal my feet don’t complain about thicker socks. I usually TT in compression socks and wear areo shoe covers on top.

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Maybe just add a support pad? Arch Support Sleeves - Plantar Fasciitis Relief, Foot Pain | Zensah

Cycling specific socks are silly, but sometimes you need to spend a bit more for free shipping or you just want a laugh….
Silcas aero socks are pretty normal and really nice socks. Shimano’s s-Phyre socks aren’t aero, but the upper pad is pretty great. Defeat socks are awful- they fall apart and don’t stretch.


Did not know those existed. Will give it a try. Thanks!

I’ve only used these, so I cannot compare, but they blew me away with how novel they seemed to be. The sock part that held my foot felt just like a normal medium thickness sock, but the tube section is like some other wordly material, but it’s “aero” and stays up unlike some socks I’ve seen.

These aren’t pure white, but he has white and some other colors. Shop run by a former pro who is a friend of mine and he does an excellent job sourcing very expensive and technical fabrics at a very reasonable price. The classic brand stuff is top notch.


I’ve got a pair of Silca aero socks - feel like normal socks and not the thin material.

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Fall apart?…. I am still wearing a lot of defeat from the early 2000s. Most durable socks ive ever had.

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I have the Defeet Evo Disruptor 8.0 which is more sock like. I also have the Classic Cycling aero socks that @russell.r.sage linked. They are kinda half-way in between the defeets and the Nopinz that I have.


Just wear two pairs of socks? Or even part of a sock under, and aero socks on top.

I have the UYN Aero Socks, and they are relatively thick for cycling socks. I have no Idea how aero they are though…

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