Sigeyi Power meter?

I’ve just logged another ~12 hours of faultless mountain bike riding on mine. I’m looking at getting a second Sigeyi (this time a SRAM one to put on my hardtail) some time in the not too distant future for training at work etc.

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Ive got the Xcadey spider on my TT bike (3 bolt SRAM). So far 1350km with 0 issues

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I’ve been using a Xcadey since April. No issues with the power meter. The app had a hiccup upgrading to the latest version about 2 months ago. No worries since.

I have had my Sigeyi power meter for just over a year now and wanted to give an update. According to Strava, I have just under 1500 miles on the power meter. I have only charged the power meter only twice this past year and both times it was above 70% charge. Since installed I have changed from my truvativ descendant 7k eagle dub crankset to an X01 crankset Nov 2020. No issues so far.


Just received mine today.
hopefully everything is working fine as it should be


I have the Sigeyi AXO for 3 months now, plenty of MTB rides on it. Never experienced any spike issues and it’s been great so far…I have 0 complaints and would recommend it.


had AXO on Aldhu
i consider myself a weak & beginner rider. i get more than couples of 1000w spike since Dec20

the worst i got is 3x 800w spikes in 1 ride
i don’t do trainers/turbos.

beside spikes, everything is fine… :sweat_smile:

Which part

by carefully checking the map the spike occur while banging the bike on the pedestrain.

Are the spikes always while coasting downhill? If so, can you remember big hits on these sections?
Also is this on the latest firmware?

I wanted to provide an updated review of the Sigeyi AXO Power Meter. I’ve had one on my Spark for a few months with flawless results. I recently purchased a second one for my commuter/HardTail for training at work on my dumb trainer. That also has been really consistent and reliable.

I recently did an accuracy test to my Direto X and both were within only a few Watts at all points up to about 380W. Admittedly I didn’t try any sprints or spend long above ~300W as it was on a rest day, but I was pleased with the results. (This doesn’t guarantee my accuracy I guess, but at least all my devices are as accurate as each other).


What follows is a brief comparison of power data from a recently purchased - the Sigeyi AXO (firmware - 3.802) paired to an Edge 130 head unit - with measurements from a fairly well regarded smart trainer, the Tacx Neo 1 recording direct to Zwift. Temperature of the ride was about 7 deg C. Data compared using Zwift Power website. Erg mode used in middle section of the ride, topped and tailed by free riding in Zwift - data for one ride.

There was generally reasonable agreement between the trends in the power readings. Curiously the cadence readings from the Neo were around 1 % lower than the AXO. For a “normal” power output range the AXO appears to read about 2 - 3.5% lower than the Neo. For higher power efforts there was relatively little difference between the two, so the calibration curve is somewhat non-linear. The power curve chart shows that for maximum average powers with durations > 1 min ranging from 421 W down to 271 W the AXO gave values between 13 and 7 W lower (generally in the 11 - 12 W range).

The Neo is considered to be a reasonably accurate trainer, given the power output is determined directly from electrical power dissipation (induced voltage * current) rather than relying on strain gauges and temperature corrections. Presumably there are some small additional mechanical losses from the bearing. Given the AXO is a spider based power meter, and the Neo measures power at the hub I would expect around an additional 2.5% loss after the drive train (the chain was clean and waxed). Consequently, my overall my impression is that this specific AXO reads about 5.5% lower than the power to the Neo if power were measured at the pedals, corresponding to around 3 % lower for comparable efforts neglecting drive train losses (in non sprint situations). This difference also appears consistent with a comparison of my power data with that from a friend’s quark on several climbs at matched speed accounting for fractional weight difference outdoors.

I am hoping Sigeyi will introduce a manual calibration feature to the software.


Just got the 8 bolt Shimano MTB version - not seeing the extreme spikes as mentioned on earlier firmware. But I am seeing 600 watt spikes if I pop a wheelie under power. Maybe that’s legitimate - just seems a bit high to me.

Does anyone with a dual source of data have any insight as to what kind of spikes happen if you mash the pedals to clear something?

A second calibration ride - same conditions as previously. This time a ramp test in erg mode on Zwift at 7 deg C again. Tacx-Neo vs Sigeyi AXO. Good tracking between the power meters during the ramp. This time critical power from AXO about 4% lower than Neo over a relatively wide range of powers (not including drive train losses). Some divergence between power numbers during cool down (still in erg mode) - perhaps related to cooling in the Neo?


Ater 2 months of utilization I connect my power meter in the app and he asked for a firmware update 3.92. After that he stops to work and I tried to contact the warranty, without many answers the SIGEYI request to me to sent the power meter back to China with no refund of ship charges and only after that they will send me a new one. Warranty services is a shame.
I don’t recommend the product. Pay a little bit more and buy a quality product avoiding headaches.

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